I am a child of the 80s who absolutely loved Gamebooks. A fantastic definition is at this page . My favourite series was the Way of the Tiger, which ended on a cliff-hanger. Thanks to a kickstarter campaign, a book to conclude (continue?) the saga has been published. Follow me as I attempt to complete all seven books (plus the prequel), while making gratuitous editorial comments along the way.

For newcomers, scroll down to the bottom, and start reading with the post marked ‘Welcome.’ and work up from there.

All eight books books are available for purchase from various sources online.

I do not own or profess to own any copyright to the various images from the book used to illustrate postings.

Yes, there is a ‘donate’ button on the right.  Don’t get the wrong idea – that is very much optional, if anyone wants to show appreciation for my ongoing rambling.



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