So – What’s this all about then?

Its my Way of the Tiger Playthrough!

Well, yeah, I can see that from the heading.  I can read, you know.


So what’s a ‘playthrough’?  And while you’re at it, what’s a ‘Way of the Tiger’?

Way of the Tiger was the name of a simply awesome series of gamebooks in the 1980s, and a playthrough is….

Wait!  Gamebooks?!  Is that, like, a rulebook for Monopoly or something?

Hardly.  Remember Choose Your Own Adventures?

A little bit.  Tell me more.

Choose Your Own Adventures were those books for the young (or young-at-heart) where every so often the narrative allowed you to decide whether you (the reader, and also the main character) would cross the river, befriend the outlaw, drink the black water, and so on.  Stories would end in different ways, depending on your choices.

Alright, that sort of makes sense.  So that’s a gamebook?

Not even close.  Gamebooks use the same principle, but add the dimension of chance, using dice. The protagonist (AKA the reader) has to roll dice on occasions which, in conjunction with your choices, determine the success of your chosen actions.  Dice rolls, together with your managed ‘scores’, decide whether you kill the ogre, swim the river, steal the ruby and so forth.

With you so far.  So – Way of the Tiger?

Way of the Tiger was a series of gamebooks where your ‘character’ was a ninja, with extensive knowledge of the martial arts, along with such 1980s-style ninja skills as climbing sheer walls, spitting (!) needles dipped in poison, detecting traps, throwing metal stars and so on.

You seem to have moved away from what a playthrough is.

Hmph.  Fair enough.  Well, the series (Way of the Tiger) ended on a cliffhanger.  Thanks to a Kickstarter program, both a sequel and prequel were written roughly 30 years after the fact to conclude the ‘story’.  I, being a 40-year-old with a passion for the series, resolved to play each ‘gamebook’ completely honestly, until the series as a whole had been conquered.

So, what happened?

Well, after six months of trying, I finally succeeded!  However, the entire archives are remaining here for your enjoyment.  Over 160 posts of gamebook goodness!

So – is this free?

Well, yes and no.  The archives are freely accessible to all.  However, given that I’ve spent around 80-100 hours writing what is the equivalent of a novel, I’ve given people the opportunity to contribute what they consider is a fair amount by way of a tip jar, located on the right-hand side of the screen.

OK, here it comes.  How much do I need to give so I don’t feel bad about myself?

If guilt is the only reason, don’t worry about it.  If you really want me to nominate an appropriate amount to contribute, I think its fair to tip (Australian) $0.05 to $0.20 per post read.

That sounds reasonable.  Where should I start reading?

I’ve chosen the blog format where you can literally simply scroll down continually until you reach the very first post (marked Welcome!).  Start from there and move upwards.  You don’t have to, but it will help with the ongoing narrative (not to mention the many running jokes which I develop over time).

I see comments on a lot of these posts.  Should I bother commenting, now that you’re not posting anymore?

Please do!  I literally read every single comment that people make, and get notifications of any comments made on any historical post.  Comments then stay forever as part of the experience for others to enjoy!

[Much later] Wow!  I read all those posts, and it was amazing!  Are you doing anything else??!!

Well,  I was greatly gratified by the positive response I received from many people from all around the world.  As at 7 September 2016, I’m taking a few days off, but will thereafter be starting a similiar playthrough of the famous ‘Lone Wolf’ series.

Hmmm – interesting – but I can’t see any ‘Lone Wolf’ posts here at this blog page.

That’s because they’re not.  My Lone Wolf postings, due to commence in mid-September 2016, are all located at www.lonewolfsaga.wordpress.com.  Enjoy! (EDITED TO ADD : Lone Wolf posts have now commenced!)

Are there any other similiar web-pages I should check out?

Absolutely in terms of gamebooks generally, although I don’t know any other Way of the Tiger playthroughs.  Check out the blogroll on the right of the screen.

Just one last question – is your page affiliated with tumblr, grindr or tinder?

Get away from me.



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