Ninja! – Attempt 6, Part 3

I gear up for the final sequence, noting that this is only the second time (in 6 attempts) that I’ve made it this far.

I cue up my Ipod, with suitably aggressive songs such as Eye of the Tiger and We Will Rock You.  Of course, it should be noted that these songs tend to be more effective in the realm of sporting events, rather than carnage and murder.

Eh, you say tomato….


Briefly, I take the boat supplied to me and make my way out to the enemy vessel, remembering that my KPIs are to take both the oars and sails out of commission.

This ‘incarnation’ of to-be-Avenger has the Climbing skill so, as I approach the ship, I ignore the anchor chain and oars, and rather use my ‘Cat’s Claws’ to scramble directly up the wooden hull.

I reach the upper deck without incident and, remembering my previous success using this tactic, again use ninja-ventriloquism to imitate a fallen sailor, making my way sneakily to the hatch leading down to the area below-deck.

Remembering the need for me to obtain the key to the slaves’ chains, I head down the middle corridor.  I enter the door on the left-hand-side of the corridor, and note the first mate with his back to the door sharpening a weapon.

Standing with his back to the door, did you say??  You know what he must be thinking right about now.


My poison needles don’t let me down, and I take out the unsuspecting first mate, before nipping down to the door at the end of the corridor.

Sure enough, this is the slave quarters, and my handy Key frees enough slaves to start off a chain reaction resulting in general chaos.

I take a deep breath and charge up to the deck, where there is a scene of absolute bedlam. I confront the cloud of locusts, and familiar blood-shot eyes now emerge from the core of the swarm.

I go for a Winged Horse kick, andI literally fail to roll the 7 or more needed to hit five (!) times in a row, meaning I suffer a total of 7 damage (Endurance 13).

I firstly connect with another foll0w-up kick, and then briefly take cover in the billowing smoke before making a dash for the ship’s wheel.

I use 5 Shuriken from my arsenal to defend myself from the sailors and samurai who attempt to block my path to the wheel.  When I reach the wheel, I wrench it at a strategic time, toppling the bunch of enemies from their feet.

Nervousness and anticipation merge in my stomach as the poor sailor is once more possessed by the Abomination of Nemesis.


I go for the Dragon’s Tail throw!

Round 1

My 9 means success, and I resolve to follow up with a kick, using Inner Force.  Given the success of my throw, I need a 5 or more to hit, and get a….7!

Damage roll : (4 + 2 + 2) x 2 = 16.

The Abomination then hits, and does 5 damage while also removing a point of my Inner Force.

Endurance – Me 8, Abomination : 4 (My Inner Force : 3)

Round 2

I attempt to just straight up kick the Abomination, again using Inner Force (if I hit, any damage roll of 2 or over will mean victory).

I need a 7 to hit, and get a 7 exactly!  Damage roll is an unnecessarily high 6 (up to 8, doubled is a phenomenal 16!


In a delightful coup de grace, I stamp on the skull head, ‘smashing it’ and watching the creepy red eyes fade to black.

As a parting touch I kick the ship’s wheel into submission before vaulting over the side of the ship.

I get picked up by my allies (and by ‘allies’ I mean the people that basically watched and ate popcorn while I saved their collective backsides) and get my back slapped and (bloody) hand shaken.

The Grandmaster rewards me with a new car, with a licence plate of NINJA-1.

Just kidding.

I actually get the dose of Blood of Nil that I start book 1 with, along with 5 Shuriken, to represent the five contestants in this little drama.

I next turn to the fabled paragraph 420 (!!!) and reflect upon my triumph, along with the forthcoming (non-fatal) battle against Gorobei, to decide the next Grandmaster of the Five Winds.

It has been a good day.


Final Stats (before final restoration) : Endurance : 13, All modifiers : 0, Inner Force : 2, Shuriken : 3


7 thoughts on “Ninja! – Attempt 6, Part 3

  1. Highest of fives to you.

    I’m caught between exultation at your victory and desolation that your walkthrough is now complete. Well done on your victory, especially in the face of five failed rolls in a row. Cool Final Battle photo as well.

    Assume there will be a conclusion but if not enjoy your break and looking forward to Lone Wolf

    Liked by 1 person

    1. And he finishes up just when I’ve discovered this blog! But I will be here for Lone Wolf from the start. It’ll be interesting to be reminded of how Magnamund differed from Orb. The depth and history given these fantasy worlds definitely set them apart from one-off Fighting Fantasy books.

      And of course, you almost fail your sixth attempt at this book because you fail to roll 7 or more five times in a row (odd of that happening: 1.25%).

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Welcome aboard! Hope you enjoy all the archived posts – there’s around 160+ of them.
        I’ll be doing a couple of summary posts (both of Ninja! and of the series as a whole) and then taking a break before moving on the Lone Wolf series.


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