Ninja! – Attempt 5, Part 1


Aside : Sorry to my legions of fans for the lack of entry yesterday.  To be honest, the reason was a personal one, which involved work, family, and sleeping at 9.30pm.


I’m rebooting, if you will, from the commencement of the adventure.  My skills are Poison Needles (remembering that I need poison before this is any good), Arrow Cutting and (drum roll) Climbing!

After crashing and burning at every previous option, I elect to go, once more, to Nara, following the same path as Chigeru.


For those who don’t remember, we once more face the three enemy ninjas.

I throw a Shuriken, removing 5 Endurance from my initial adversary.  I then do the throw / kick combo and remove a further 5 Endurance.  He only has 2 left.  I finish him off, although he does take away 7 of my precious Endurance points.

Endurance : 13

I pummel the final enemy into submission, and once more spare his life in return for information.

The defeated enemy talks about their (as in the monks of Vile) mission to stop us, and we quiz him and then send him off down the road, no doubt with suitably arrogant taunts ringing in this ears.

Chigeru and I enter Nara, and I again elect to try for the same flag as him (him being Chigeru).  Climbing the wall of the palace, the following then occurs :

  • I use my skill of Arrow Cutting to prevent the missile piercing my form
  • I confront the spider / woman combo on the roof.
  • I disable her temporarily with a Dragon’s Tail throw
  • I snaffle the flag (score!) and make my way down the wall before anything awful can happen to me.

I then subtly sprint (!) down the road to Takahiri, and run into the samurai with the possessed sword.  I manage to save him, although at the cost of 5 Endurance.  In a small piece of consolation, his help restores 2 Endurance.

Endurance : 10.

In summary, I enter Takahiri, and secure the help of Nao in infiltrating the palace.  I face the Pit Feeder and….

I reduce it to 4 Endurance and….

That 2 dice of damage that it does on every hit has its inevitable effect.

Damn you, resolve to play this book honestly!


Web-page recommendation : If you enjoy lengthy and detailed reviews of bad movies, you can’t got past Jabootu’s bad move page.  They spend thousands of words dissecting such masterpieces as Highlander 2, Body of Evidence, Superman IV and so on.  Highly recommended.



5 thoughts on “Ninja! – Attempt 5, Part 1

  1. When the die is against you there’s nothing you can do but die 😦

    At least in the real world you were “ok” yesterday (as in no disasters which we always worry about whenever you don’t post), hope the extra sleep helped.

    Good luck tomorrow, its a shame as you got through Redeemer so well. (oh, and sorry but I have to add that they you rescue Chigeru from Monks, not Ninja’s, yes, that fictional distinction really is important to me.)


  2. I respect your commitment here. Your gamebook selves died honourably, in the cause of finding more flags than other people. Make sure the finally triumphant Avenger spares a thought for the others, at the Tomb of the Briefly Known Ninja. Sometimes a spoon of wood can be used, to sup from a pewter cup.

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