Ninja! – Attempt 4, Part 2


Aside : Alright, I know that, at the start of this entry, I’ve got a grand total of 1 Endurance left, and I lost all my equipment.

But then I attended this today.  My mood is on the ‘awesome’ setting, at least until Friday 9 September.

Back to Avenger-in-training and his (badly wounded) progress.

I leave Suma, travelling west and dressed as a ‘simple traveller’.  As we near the ‘River of Peace’ I see a red kite (!) above the treeline, with a picture of a ninja (!!) drawn upon it.

This can be a threat, a warning or the result of a child who read too many Eric Van Lustbader novels.

(Hey, when you’re fifteen, that sort of sex / violence / martial arts / faux philosophy combo can be intoxicating).

In either event, I think leaving the road for the cover of the forest is an excellent idea.

In the corner of my vision, I see dark shapes approaching me.  Unfortunately, since I no longer have my equipment, the option of swimming downstream while using my breathing tube isn’t open to me.  I guess I just have to ‘race deeper into the forest’.

And…..Shuriken fly from all directions, and a figure ends my life from behind with a sword blade.

I guess I have a new movie to star in :



Mood : Still good.


3 thoughts on “Ninja! – Attempt 4, Part 2

  1. Spectemur Agendo! See, I told you that the previous defeat just made today more exciting.

    On a different note, at least you now know the general location of the Ninja’s of the Scorpion base on the Island of Plenty, your next character doesn’t but you still do. Really sorry Ninja is proving so lethal for you, its not much consolation but this attempt was going to lose anyway. Another sincere manly masculine macho sympathetic clap on the shoulder.

    Slight SPOILER, just a bit of advise, there’s a time limit so if you’re going to go the Suma route you should consider the climbing skill and avoid trying to impersonate anyone but if you really want to go the rescue by Yaris route then you need Singing Winds flag first. Nasaka is … different and well worth playing but personally its fun just to see what route you’ll try next.

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  2. Yes, on the island there is a ninja of the scorpion base there. It is inside the forest of Kami where the odd disappearance is attributed to the Kami spirits that live are reputed to live there.
    In book 0 I was avoiding direct confrontation scene with ninja, as it would have robbed book 2’s ending of a little of its intensity.


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