Ninja! – Attempt 3, Part 2


After getting poked and prodded by my various fans to ‘check out Suma’ and told ‘go to Suma’, ‘Suma’s awesome’ etc etc, I get worried that no city will be able to match the build-up.

Kind of like how everyone and their brother told me that I had to see Pulp Fiction, that it was the greatest movie ever, that it would change my life and so on.  I watched it and thought. “Hm.  Pretty good movie.  Interesting.”  But after the build-up, anything less than Citizen Kane would have been a disappointment.


We enter Suma and, for some reason, make our way down to the docks, noting a massive warship called the Setsudanki.  Apparently we don’t have much trouble blending into the crowds, because we immediately become privy to all the ‘chatter on the street’, or as I like to call it :


Apparently the local Daimyo (Arai) is hosting a banquet for a Daimyo from the northern islands.  And Jesse and Annabel are breaking up.  And Sean likes Dororthy, if you know what I mean.  And David was caught behind the local inn with…


We find Suma’s castle, and note a number of flags on the towers of same, although none of us can detect the golden trim which marks a ‘contest’ flag.

Again with the gossip!

We make ‘discreet enquiries’ and learn that the flag we seek is kept in a guarded room in the banquet hall of the castle.  I guess everyone on the street was just privy to this sensitive information.

The three of us resolve to separate and to use our own individual skills to find the flag.

I can :

  • Attempt to enter, disguised as a courtesan;
  • Attempt to enter, disguised as a samurai;
  • Scale the outer wall to assess the defences (no word on whether the Climbing skill is needed, but I assume not)
  • Leave the city.

Well, leaving would just be giving up, so that’s a non-starter as an option.

As a wise man once said :


How can I resist a chance to dress as a courtesan?  I knew all that hip-swinging would come in handy!

I stroll into the pleasure quarter, find another courtesan called ‘Winter Moonlight’, and bribe her to help me with my disguise.

Makeover time!

Interestingly, she also lights a candle, during our preparations, to Vagar the Deceiver, god of liars, thieves and cut-throats.  Charming.

In any event, now that I’m dressed to the nines, I make my way to the gate, carrying a lute (!) to complete my ensemble.

The guard at the gate tries to wreck the party by stating that all courtesans for the evening are ‘already inside’.  Thinking on my feet, I claim to be one of the visiting dignitary’s courtesans, specially summoned for the evening from his ship.

The guard does everything but give me a wink to acknowledge that I’m probably making up a story but, rather than asking for a bribe (which I would have expected), he assigns two samurai to escort me to the banquet hall.

En route, I can either attack both of my escorts or continue into the hall.  Well, the flag I seek is, allegedly, in the banquet hall, so I might as well take the chance to check it out in my disguise.

Unfortunately, security is tighter than I’d hoped.  I am taken directly to guards who report to the visiting Daimyo, and they confirm that I am unknown to them.



Stats : All modifiers : 0, Endurance : 20, Inner Force : 3, Shuriken 5

NOTE : There will be no update tomorrow, as I will be away for my firm’s annual lawyers’ retreat.  There’ll be no alcohol involved.  No sirreeee.

Web-page recommendation : If you’ve got several hours to spare, have a read of Things my girlfriend and I have argued about. It is a simply hilarious list of (possibly slightly exaggerated) topics of debate between the writer and his partner.


3 thoughts on “Ninja! – Attempt 3, Part 2

  1. The things article sounds like normal marries life. And have to admit I never actually played Suma, I just read some of it, I feel like a terrible fraud admitting this.

    Still love the mental image of Proto-Avenger being able to pass as a courtesan, it forces one to rethink his build (while also reminding us that he may be a she). Also love the idea of bringing the lute as you’re there as a courtesan (high class) not a lower class girl. Personally I think David wanted to call us a Geisha there but figured most readers would understand Courtesan better than Geisha. And credit where its due, this is one of the few fantasy books where the enemy have efficient security procedures.

    Enjoy your alcohol free soirée, at least you’ll be able to put in a productive days work tomorrow.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My understanding of a courtesan was that they specifically catered to a ‘higher class’ of customer. And I was pretty shocked at the competent security – next thing you know stormtroopers will be shooting straight.

      And the alcohol-free comment may have been some gentle sarcasm…


      1. Stormtroopers ONLY shoot straight when its to stun … or if its heartbreaking tragedy. Anything else just goes against the laws of physics and “ye cannae break the law’s of physics” … but Scotsmen have bern known to bend them.

        I coyld express shock that there was sime of the demon drink at what was to be a refined work soirée, but being from Ireland noone would believe me.

        True story, one of my Indian niece’s grew up HATING alcohol. On her wedding night (which is traditionally speant in the husbands family home) she was shocked to overhear her new husband drinking with some friends. She raced out of his home calling for her mother “Mummy! That thing men do on their wedding night! Its started!”. My sister in law muttered “What child is this I’ve raised”. She’s mellowed since, as a footnote, the video on my facebook page is us collecting food to feed those working to build said niece and her family a new home and the young girl was her daughter, the woman in blue was my wife, the house has been completed.

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