Ninja! – Attempt 2, Part 16


Aside :  For those of you focused on editorial content, you’ll notice two changes to the sidebars on your right.  One of which I’ll mention here, and one at the bottom of this post.  The first is that I’ve included a link to my twitter feed.  Fair warning, most of said feed doesn’t relate to gamebooks, but rather to politics, comics, movies, pop culture and my favourite sporting teams.  I’ve got a thick skin, so feel free to comment or respond to any of my brain noodlings!

Back to the show.

Realising that my brain hasn’t been my number one ally for the past couple of segments of my adventure, I plunge back to the middle of the deck, noting the smoke, flames, locusts and panicking sailors all around me.

I can either try to fight my way to the ship’s wheel (while attempting to keep the smoke between myself and the locusts) or alternatively try and climb the rigging.

Since smoke rises, I don’t think climbing upwards will help, particularly since it won’t affect the ability of the locusts to swarm around me.  The ship’s wheel may be my last remaining option.

Well, the good news is that the smoke is keeping the locusts away from me for the time being.  The bad news is that the sailors and samurai are, for reasons of their own, attacking me as I move across the deck.  You would think they’d be more concerned with saving their own skins rather than attacking a bad-ass ninja like myself, but there’s no accounting for the stupid decisions some people make (again, my mind drifts to an ex-girlfriend, but I remind myself to focus).

I must suffer five attacks, but can use a shuriken per attack to repeal them.  Since I’ve got 6 shuriken left, I seize the opportunity to deplete my resources, and repel the five attackers without suffering a scratch.  I’m down to 1 shuriken, but I hope that will be enough to get me over the finish line.


As I reach the ship’s wheel, I see that the swarm of locusts is moving towards me, with the intimidating eye at the centre taking disconcertingly close notice of my quick-moving form.  As several samurai charge towards me, I take the opportunity to throw the ship’s wheel to the side, causing the ship to lurch, and a delightful cascade of falling bodies before me.  The hornets / locusts droop and die, but the glowing eye has now finished some, surely harmless, spell.

It then, to put it in a PG-rated fashion, spews blood all over the body of a dead sailor, resurrects him, and turns him some zombie-esque creature with glowing red eyes and a grinning skull…



My martial arts still look like they will have some effect, and hopefully the Inner Force I have safeguarded is about to come in very, very handy.

In a bid to be unpredictable, I slide across the deck with the Dragon’s Tail throw, hoping that this…thing hasn’t developed its sea legs fully.

Round 1.

This creature has the delightful moniker of ‘Abomination of Death’.  Must be a great business card to hand out.

I need a 7 or more to send this monstrosity to the floor.  I get a…..6.  Ouch

The creature needs a 7 to hit and gets a 1 and a……..6.


Luckily (!) it only does the minimum of 2 damage.  However, it also drains a point of Inner force

Endurance : Abomination : 20, Me : 2

Round 2

I can’t throw again immediately, so I go for a kick, and use a precious point of my Inner Force.

I miss (rolling a 3).

The Abomination hits (Strike 1), I fail to block (Strike 2) and does 6 damage.

Strike 3.

Within touching distance of the finish line.

[read below for a couple of other points]


PS. As you may or may not have noticed, I have included a ‘Donate’ button on the right hand side of the blog.  This is mainly due to suggestions from a couple of supporters that wanted to have a way of showing their support of this blog.  I want to emphasise that this blog is a labour of love, and I it is not done with the objective of material gain, but rather because I get a great deal of enjoyment from doing it and from the feedback I’ve been getting.  Having said that, I’ve now written around 100,000 words, and if you wish to contribute to my buying more books, feel free.  Any donation of greater than $10.00 (Aus) can pick a specific book for playthrough.

PPS. I want to make specific mention of a blog written by a writer whom I consider incredibly funny and interesting – The Goat Speaks.  He writes hilariously about poker and movies, and also links to the first chapters of his completed novel.  Check it out.

PPPS. At the end of each post, I’m going to include a link to another web-page with what I consider to be good and funny writing.  Check them out.


7 thoughts on “Ninja! – Attempt 2, Part 16

  1. Unlucky Tim, to fall at the final fight, I did fear the captains trap made it impossible for you. From a selfish point of view it does mean more way of the tiger blogs though! Fancy going via Suma this time?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 😢Really truely sorry Tim, sadly not surprised (that David Walters is a bit of a sociopathic homicidal psychopath, in a fun way), but still sorry. In fairness Ninja deserves more than one playthrough, but it would be more fun if you’d actually succeeded once.

    My own suggestion would be to go to the chanting next time, but I shall look forward how you do the walkthrough. Maybe this time you’ll be able to show up Gorobei by presenting three flags ☺.

    p.s. Your twitter post is confusing. When did you use glowing red eyes to confront any monstrosity?


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