Ninja! – Attempt 2, Part 15


In something fresh from a straight-to-DVD horror movie, the area below-decks is lit with an ‘eerie jade glow’ and, just to complete the delightful decor, there is a bloodshot, glowing eye hanging in mid-air.

As it swivels towards me I adopt a ‘fighting stance’. (?!)  Umm, when I’ve talked about kicking someone TO THE FACE, I guess its easier if the whole target is an eye.


BTW, watch that mini-series.  Zombies attack the Big Brother set.  Yes, it goes just about as well as you might expect.

In any event, I reach the understandable conclusion that this weird magical eye means that my mission is known to someone, so I make plans to quickly move on.

There are three corridors to choose from – portside, where I hear chanting (?), the middle corridor, where I see / hear drips from a ‘slop bucket’ and starboard, where there is……nothing.

Well, if I’m trying to reach oars, you wouldn’t think going down the middle of the ship would be much help, so I head off into the starboard corridor.

I listen at the first door down the corridor, hear nothing and peer inside.  There is a single hammock (such luxury!) which is occupied by a sleeping figure, along with a telescope, nautical charts and other bric-a-brac.  Obviously the captain’s cabin.

I sneak in!  Unfortunately, my lack of ‘Detecting Traps’ leads me to step on a creaky board, whereupon a blade drops from nowhere and does 7 damage.  In anticipation of my future name, I angrily respond by garroting the captain before he can fully wake, and leave the cabin in disgust.

I reach a storage cabin at the other end of the ship, where the slaves, chained, are sleeping.  I quietly wake one, and ask where the key to their chains is kept.  Presumably after doing a double take at the sight of a ninja on a pirate ship, he mentions that the keys are probably with the First Mate, near the centre of the ship.

I head back down the middle corridor, and enter another cabin.

Inside, with his back to me, is a big, bald dude sharpening an axe, while surrounded by weapons.

Poison Needles, don’t let me down!

The needle strikes him in the neck, and he collapses, with a severe case of deadly poison.  I snaffle the brass key from around his neck, and return to the slave cabin.

I wake one slave (presumably the same one), and set down the Brass Key, inviting them to free themselves.  With the slaves free from their chains, the oars can’t be manned (presumably the samurai won’t stoop to this) and I just need to sort the sails out for my mission to be complete.

I rush back up to the top deck, taking out a samurai guard who dares to get in my way.

I set the mast and sails ablaze, and watch as (former) slaves and sailors rush around chaotically.

Just as I prematurely start patting myself on the back….


The familiar swarm of locusts takes shape, with a foreboding shape with bloodshot eyes emerging from the middle.

Is this going to end with a good, old-fashioned ninja smackdown?

Why yes, I think it is!

And, in a temptation impossible to resist, one of my options is the Teeth of the Tiger throw!!

Oh, that’s just beautiful.

I go for it, and need a 6 to be successful.

Round 1

I get a 3 and a……6 = 9!

As I connect, the mage’s form breaks apart.  The insects still seem threatening, but I also feel the heat of the fire behind me.


I can leap in to the smoke to shelter from the hornets, head for the side of the ship and jump into the sea or launch another kick at the swarm.

I’m worried about (literally) jumping into the fire, or turning my back on this enemy by racing for the ocean.

Kick him (it) while he’s down!

I fail my roll to succeed, and take 6 (!) damage from the hornets.

My Endurance is down to 5.

I sprint for the edge of the ship, but the locusts overtake me and do 1 Die worth of damage.

This could well be fatal, since the last two rolls for damage to me have both been 6.

I roll a……1.

Still alive, for the moment.


Stats : All modifiers : 0 Endurance : 4, Inner Force 5, Shuriken 6


8 thoughts on “Ninja! – Attempt 2, Part 15

  1. On the plus side killing both the Captain and the first mate improve your chances of scuttling the ship, on the minus you really need the dice on your side now. For what its worth we have faith in you … not that you’ll survive I mean, just that you’ll make it funny ☺

    Actually I think David Walters decided that for experienced players Manse just isn’t scary in Avenger so was determined we’d find him very scary in Ninja … for me, he succeeded. And in fairness to the Samurai, without some training they wouldn’t be able to coordinate on the oars in time to catch your boat which is why your going Abraham Lincoln disables the oars.

    You’re nearly there, roll on the next post.


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