Ninja! – Attempt 2, Part 11


Aside : Wow – The comments section in Ninja! – Attempt 2, Part 9 has been heating up! Avoid if you have an opinion on religion, soon-to-be-Avenger’s libido or various other related topics!

Before I leave with Rin, I apparently find a ‘dropped’ shuriken.  Rather than ponder which ninja might have left this item here, I just pocket it and continue on my way.

As you do.

As we continue through the woodlands, Rin humblebrags that his nickname ‘Three Blades’ comes from a battle where he, after being disarmed of his katana (longsword) and wakizashi (shortsword) pulled a dagger and ‘finished’ the fight.  Yeah, because you needed to mention this.  Sure you did.


Rin suggests that, to avoid the Bakemono, we move through the ruins of Mishina, since the Bakemono will avoid it due to their ‘superstition’.  (Remember his condescension here, given later events).

Mishina (the capital of the island of the same name) was ruined (according to my recollection of history) in a war 300 years ago, and is now a place of ill-omen (like the Chestnut Tree Cafe).

Rin assures me that travelling there will be ‘worth it’ to avoid the Bakemono tribes.

Mate, as I said, I’m recording that statement right now, for future use if necessary.

We set up camp near the city walls, and I get some sleep (restoring 4 Endurance).  After disturbing dreams, plagued by visions of red eyes, Rin wakes me with news of a significant number of ‘misshapen forms’ clambering over the remains of the city wall, heading towards us.

While pondering this, and without even giving me a chance to pull out my Iphone headphones, a couple of these creatures leap from the nearby woods and attack both myself and Rin.  Each of these two creatures is a Jikininki.  The book helpfully informs me that I ‘must defeat’ the Jikininki.

And here was me thinking a diplomatic solution was in order.

I go for the old stand-by, the Leaping Tiger kick!

Round 1

Needing an 8 to hit, I get a 10!

My 7 damage reduces the Jikininki to 7 Endurance.

The Jikininki needs a an 8 to strike, and gets  a 7!

Awww.  What a shame.

Endurance : Me – 20, Jikininki- 7

Round 2

My roll of 7 just misses, while the J (I’m not typing that mouthful every time) gets a 9, doing 2 damage.

Endurance : Me – 18, Jikininki – 7

Round 3

My 8 is good enough, with a subsequent damage total of 6!  The J misses me.

Endurance : Me – 18, Jikininki – 1

Round 4

I miss, while the J hits and does 4 damage

Endurance : Me – 14, Jikininki – 1

Round 5

I roll a 12 (!!) and, just to rub it in, do 8 (!!) damage.


In case you weren’t disgusted enough, apparently some ‘pustules’ explode as this creature dies, doing a further 3 points of damage.

This leaves me with 11 Endurance, but at least my opponent is, you know, DEAD.

Rin falls back with me, and admits his error in this route.  To be fair, he does also apply a field dressing to me, restoring 2 points of Endurance.

Against my better judgement, I elect to continue with Rin as my ally, as we search for another route forward.

And I’m going to leave it there for the day.  Apologies to my loyal readers, but I’m in a space where I’m just not feeling that funny tonight.

Stats : All modifiers : 0 Endurance : 13, Inner Force 2, Shuriken 4


6 thoughts on “Ninja! – Attempt 2, Part 11

    1. Oh, I guessed it was something like that. Just in the context of the book, it was treated like “Oh, here’s a couple of bucks you’ve picked up” rather than nothing how rare it would be to see a shuriken on the road, as it were.


  1. P.s. I would like to think of the mutual needling, I mean great debate, in part 9 as being like a fencing match between Errol Flynn and Cary Elwes of The Princess Bride, except we’re both using baseball bats.


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