Ninja! – Attempt 2, Part 9


Aside : Before you ask, adjourned to April 2017. Don’t ask.

Back to it!

As I emerge from the cave to see the aftermath of the snowstorm, I am strongly reminded of the final line of Calvino’s Marcovaldo :

“Only the expanse of snow could be seen, as white as this page.”


The benefits of an Arts degree.


As I forge my way through the snow, I see what at first appears to be a horned figure crouching in the snow.  Before I start to panic about meeting a miniature Balrog, I draw closer and see that a young woman with a horned helmet is kneeling in the snow, bleeding from her feet and hands.

Ooh!  8 years of Catholic school pays off!  Stigmata!

While pondering the theological implications of this scene, I see that two ‘lion-like temple guardian statues’ (!!) are approaching the woman with apparent hostile intent. I can shout a warning or stay silent.

While being self-motivated, I am keen to see if this woman can assist me, which she can’t do if she’s, you know, dead.  I shout out to see if I can get a better idea of what the heck is going on here.

She manages to grab her sword and wound one of the guardians, which have the given name of Komainu.  Irish, I assume.

The creature then charges me and my big mouth.  Since this isn’t a classroom, I can’t point at the child next to me and identify them as the culprit.

Rather, I try to dodge the charge and grab the sword which seems to have proven effective.

The good news is that the sword does two dice of damage.  The further good news is that, after the wound from this horned-helmet-wearing woman, this monster only has 2 Endurance left.

The slightly less good news is that I need a 9 to hit.

Round 1

I roll a 3 and a…….6!!



I now turn to the woman who, in line with the standard trope, is dying of her wounds but will presumably give me some useful information before expiring heroically in my arms.

Called it!

Except for the dying part.

She says that :

  • Her name is Sarissa, and she was commissioned to steal the sword (known as Shukketsu) from the shrine of ‘Ilexkeneion’ (!!)
  • Apparently that anyone who stole the sword would be cursed to bleed until the sword was returned.
  • Even when she no longer holds the sword, she will continue to bleed to death. (Ouch!)

I fashion a bandage for her and continue along.  I can visit the shrine (and, presumably, return the sword), continue west with the sword or just journey on.

I’ve got no truck with this rivalry, so to avoid taking a side (and being subject to any curse) I elect to dash off to the shrine, stolen sword in hand.

I carefully enter the shrine and place the sword back into the obvious indentation from which it was taken.  The god restores 10 (!!) points of lost Endurance in gratitude, and I push my luck by also asking one of the priests to heal Sarissa.

A priest agrees to seal her wounds, saving her life, but states that he will not heal her, so that she will serve as a warning to other potential thieves.

I think that’s an example of :


Sarissa thanks me and states that if I need a ‘friend’ I can ask after her in the Broken Cup sake den in Nasaka.

A hot chick thanks me, breathes heavily, and wants to meet me in a bar, in case I need a ‘friend’.

Oh yeah, I can read between the lines.



When I mention that I am heading west, she mentions her ally Rin of the Three Blades.  He apparently entered the Forest of Ashigaru with a patrol of samurai and was never heard from again.

Doesn’t she know how many horror movies start that way?

In any event, she gives me a small pair of Ivory Dice as a token of our friendship.

I continue west, with the results of this travel to be kept for another time.

Stats : All modifiers : 0 Endurance : 20, Inner Force 2, Shuriken 3


33 thoughts on “Ninja! – Attempt 2, Part 9

  1. I nearly got suspended from school by our Principal (A Nun Principal- I went to a Convent school in my home town- Canberra) all because I feigned stigmata as a joke (with red paint from the Arts Centre). My fellow students were in hysterics but I was in big trouble. Confession and Penance that week was no picnic! Anyway, does this mean I have to dedicate a Rosary for you every night until April 2017?

    Liked by 1 person

        1. Sure. If someone is praying to a wooden idol, I acknowledge they are praying to it, I just don’t think the prayers have any meaningful effect on the things that will happen in the future.


  2. Humans are fallible, they will ALWAYS let you down..Our “better natures” are a daily proposition and are subject to so many things we have no control over…


      1. The Divine exists in each and everyone of us Fenrir, but it is only through Faith, that we can experience the Divine in us and each other.


  3. While WOTT has many tropes its thankfully careful with the cliches Its much more satisfying to choose to try and save Sarissa’s life than have no choice over her tragic doom. You’d have seen followers if Ilexsomething in Warbringer if you’d gone to Serakub, but they don’t really deal with you.

    And you’re only in the Island a couple of days and already you’ve got a hot date, fair play 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  4. But he constantly reminds us of his masculine prowess, attraction to the female protagonists and his apparent high libido. The narrative is absolutely peppered with it. I think he is all talk with no gumption. If it was Errol Flynn…swoon…well you all know the legend…sigh….


    1. Obviously our Author can’t reveal clients names and details to back up his claim but there other examples

      Athough technically he was more vertical than horizontal Jesus was certainly glad he exercised so much restraint and thats why he’s our saviour.

      Job even made a covenant with his eyes not to ogle other women (Job 31:1) and was greatest of those in the east (Job 1:3) before dying after a long and satisfying life (Job 42:17).

      Joseph (of the technicolour dreamcoat) is one of the few jailed for NOT doing the bosses wife and through this he became second in command of Egypt as well as saving his family.

      I’m sure our Lawyer host would recognise the Bible principal that a matter is established by two or three witnesses and there they are ☺

      Liked by 1 person

        1. True, but

          A) He wasn’t querying people on their deathbed being glad they showed restraint during their lives

          B) I was just refering to even he would accept as practical a two or three witnesses rule and I provided you with three witnesses.


  5. Speaking from my own experience, restraint didn’t get me anywhere, in fact it did me the biggest disservice…all bets are f#$%^& OFF Babe!


      1. Has he tried his “acorn is not an oak” line on you yet? Of course, an acorn is an oak, it is just not a big enough oak to withstand attacks from those who dismiss it yet. We were all little smurfs once.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That does NOT come as a surprise.

        An observation, despite being on opposite sides of the planet with you both going to Australian catholic schools and my sister and I going to Irish catholic schools the amount of similarity in opinions that I’m reading here to what I get in Ireland is fascinating (e.g. catholic schools are responsible for a lot of atheism ). I suppose with our historical backgrounds thats not too surprising but my in-laws are Indian and the differences in world view there has frequently baffled me.

        Thats part of the reason I’d love a book 8. The descriptions of Upanishad have always sounded slightly Indian to me so I’d love to compare and contrast.

        Fenrir salutes.

        Liked by 2 people

        1. My earliest and most powerful mentors were an Order of Irish Nuns. They were strong women in Faith and Countenance. I owe my values to them and I hope I dont let them down.


          1. My sisters school was run by a Spanish order while mine was run by a French one but in both cases most of the people involved were Irish. Have to add that more than 25 years later my sister still has very good memories of the Nuns who taught her, they had a sense of humour. The brothers I had were generally good also.

            Liked by 1 person

          2. The Nuns were tough and didn’t let me get away with anything (like my Stigmata episode). They were driven and fierce. Sr Bernadette (The Principal), would always say to me that “Fear is a Sin”, so when I get scared, I always evoke her memory . When I moved to Melbourne as a teenager, I went to a school run by an Order of French Canadian Brothers! It was a pushover compared to the Convent School.


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