Ninja! – Attempt 2, Part 6


So, now that I have two flags, I just have to gently jog over to the finish line and that’s the end of the adventure, right?



We’ll see.

The next step is to pass the Mountains of Unlimited Devotion.  It could have been the Mountains of Gentle Slopes and Palm Trees, but I guess I’ll take what I can get.

‘All’ I have to do is reach the Grandmaster at the city of Iga  within three days.  Hey, according to certain stories the entire WORLD was created in seven days, so this should be a snap.

Please no-one quote that last sentence to me later after the inevitable shenanigans ensue.

In one of those sequences that you just know happen every day on this road :

  • I see a figure moving towards me, who I recognise as Aiko;
  • She stops and turns, showing obvious fear.
  • A swarm of giant hornets (!!) is pursuing her, but are repelled by the smoke billowing from her torch;
  • The swarm hovers, collectively making the shape of a whirlpool (!!!)  Imagine this music playing in the background, as a voice utters magical words from the depths of the whirlpool.
  • Aiko suddenly, and seemingly involuntarily, places a substance in her mouth and collapses on the ground, convulsing.

I run to Aiko’s side, and see that she has swallowed spiderfish venom.

A demonic eye appears in the centre of the whirlpool, and starts threatening me, with the force of will attempting to have me poison myself.

OK, now its personal.

I don’t have either an Obsidian Bracelet or an Orb of Eo, but I do luckily still have a couple of points of Inner Force, one of which I have to use to avoid taking the same way out as Juliet.

I pick up the torch and stand defiantly before the swarm of hornets.  I can throw the torch at the swarm, dive into the river or kick (!) the swarm.

I can’t see how a kick will work in any meaningful way against a swarm of locusts. Throwing the torch would simply leave me defenceless.  I think discretion is the better part of valour, so I channel my Olympic-esque skills (remembering the intro which states that I can ‘swim like a fish’) and jump into the nearby river.

While I worry about exactly which fish I can swim like, I use my breathing tube to stay submerged for some time, while the locusts and the enchanted red eye observe my submerged body.  I start to worry that if I don’t get out soon, a wet t-shirt contest is going to break out.

Luckily Daon (remember him!) emerges from stage left and clasps his hands over the red-eye, effectively dispelling both the spell and the locusts.

After I note that he simply ignores the locust stings, I emerge from the river as we jointly contemplate Aiko’s dead body.  Daon and I share our grief, although I manage to suppress my emotions long enough to loot Aiko’s dead body while it is still warm.

Ouch – I guess doing what you have to do is ruthless, sometimes.

On a practical level, the recovered spiderfish venom means that I can now use the Poison Needle skill, and I restore one expended Shuriken.

We hold a short memorial service, which I’m sure is appreciated by….someone.

Daon and I compare notes, and he respectfully refrains from mentioning that pretty much every time I run into a fellow competitor, they die shortly thereafter.  I’m more dangerous than this lady :

We agree that there are obviously forces conspiring against us, before we rest and meditate, with me regaining the point of Inner Force expended in the locust encounter.

Until next time…

Stats : All modifiers : 0 Endurance : 20, Inner Force 2, Shuriken 3



8 thoughts on “Ninja! – Attempt 2, Part 6

  1. Interestingly had you survived thus far on your first attempt you would have had the Orb of Eo to resist the influence, but since you lost your ninja tools no breathing tube to stay under water from the swarm…

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  2. You fitted in Shakespeare and the Bible in today’s post, you’re determined your readers know you know literature as well 1890’s music hall songs.

    Going by todays performance the fish you swim like is the StarFish (ok, ok, you proved you could swim in Assassin (where you let the Torturer continue to torture)).

    As all your possessions at this point are technically, and practically, the property of the temple of Kwon you were merely retrieving its property, but if you’d started stripping her clothes also that would have been too much.😮

    Love the Jessica Fletcher reference but it raises a point, with high powered characters dying all around you in Ninja maybe the 4 Stooges are more effective than we realised as they survived two books with you and only lost Vespers in Redeemer (and even that was partly your fault). Just a thought.

    Aaaaaarrrrggghhhh! I know you threw that in to wind me up, “In the begining God created the heaven’s and the earth”. The seven days come after! Your correct of course that “certain stories” say that. You KNEW at least one of your readers would have to comment on that line. Good luck on the next three game days, David Walters had FUN here!

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      1. Apologies for taking so long to reply to this and your next post, long day at work and family responsibilities.

        Firstly kudo’s to your lawyer skills again as you avoid the mistake some make of thinking that light appears twice, “Light” of “Let there be Light” is not the same as “Lights” of verse 14.

        Secondly apologies, but as a Lawyer, you know that some questions can either be answered with “Because it was …” or a detailed response that would be required in a court of law. The “Because” answer is “Because that’s when you could see the already existing sun if you were standing on the surface of the earth”. If that does you fine then you can literally skip the rest of this post (Fenrir knows that just about everyone walks away at this point). A more detailed answer follows.

        I’d also just like to add that in no way am I here trying to attack your views, we never quarreled about politics or the death penalty (both of which we’ve discussed) or football (but if I knew the Hawthorn Hawks were playing a match they would be the one I’d be rooting for). This is just a presenting of views and I don’t think you want any sort of religious debate to be raging here, this is a gaming blog and I stay far away from the sites where the religious wars are fought by keyboard.

        So yes, its said “Let there be Luminaries” on the fourth day but was that when they were created? The evidence:

        Verse 1 said “the heavens” were created before any of this started, that should include the sun, moon and stars. Does it?

        Verse 2 gives some background saying basically that the earth is a waterworld and also that “There was darkness upon the watery deep”. Interestingly if you Google it scientists believe that early in the earths history the planet was covered by water. But why would it be dark? Background again, we’re told that “God’s active force was moving about over the surface of the waters”, so everything that takes place next is from the point of view of God’s active force which is on “the surface of the waters”, not when observing from outer space for example. Whats the condition of the atmosphere then? It says it was darkness which implies thick heavy clouds, certainly thicker than Venus has now. Why do I think something like clouds?

        Verse 3 Said “‘Let there be light’. Then there was light”. Where is the light meant to be coming from? The simplest answer is usually the best and that would be that it coming from the Sun which you can’t see because of the clouds. Was recently reading an article on Venus from and it said that “Though we see a blue sky on Earth, the sky on Venus would always appear reddish orange because of the way the carbon dioxide molecules scatter the sun’s light. You wouldn’t see the sun as a distinct point in this sky, but rather a hazy, yellowish tint behind the dense clouds, Svedhem said, adding that the nighttime sky would be a starless black.”

        While we tend to view “Then there was light” as a sudden bright blinding flash, the fact that on the other days things take place gradually implies that this was also a gradual clearing of the atmosphere. (For example in discussing making humans in verse 26 it says they would have the earth in subjection, while Adam and Eve are then made humans having the whole earth in subjection really hasn’t happened yet). A gradually clearing situation would allow enough light by the third “day” for plant life to survive on photosynthesis (verse 13,14) and then for the sky to be clear enough for the Sun, Moon and stars to be seen on the fourth day But wait you can say, doesn’t it say in verse 16 “God went on to make the two great luminaries”. Yes but there’s two points on that.

        First might seem stretching but sets the scene for the second point. It says “make”, not create. The creation of the sea creatures in verse 21 and man in verse 27 both specifically say “create”, here it says “make”. By itself that’s completely unconvincing until we remember

        Second is the context, its not talking about creating the Luminaries, they’d be part of “the heavens” in verse 1, its talking about “making” but making for what? Verse 14 “…they will serve as signs for seasons and for days and years”. Previously, on the second days it talked about “let the dry land appear” as the waters were “collected”, (Verse 9) now we know the land was already there under the water, you just couldn’t see it until the sea levels withdrew (and a lot of water went into the atmosphere in verse 6-8). Now its talking about having luminaries to serve not just as a source of light but to serve as signs for seasons etc, i.e. you now need to see when the moon is full etc. To illustrate. If you’re mapping out some land and you say you’re going to make a certain stone a boundary mark you’re not claiming that you’re going to create a brand new stone, you mean that you’re going to take a pre-existing object and make it now serve a new purpose. The same happened with the sun the moon and the stars.

        On a cursory reading if we’re told that its said the sun was created after the earth we might believe it, but when we read the account we see that’s not what its saying. Now to see how your meeting with Gorobei goes.


  3. Suspend your disbelief my Faux Atheist friend. From someone who has had to reinvent her whole life in just a few months, I tell you, anything in this universe is possible.

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