Ninja! – Attempt 2, Part 4



That miniature mission had a bit of everything, didn’t it?

The death of a trusted ally (and also competitor), scaling a wall, a handy bit of arrow deflection, confronting a woman / spider monstrosity, use of flash powder, snagging the trophy and a handy getaway!

The rest should be downhill, right?

I tuck the Flag of Nara into my vest and continue west, heading towards Takahiri.

While passing various pieces of descriptive scenery, I eventually reach a way station where travellers can stay for the night, get a meal, play some blackjack and maybe meet the eye of an attractive fellow traveller at the bar.

Don’t give me that look – you know what happens when young people go on the road.

Before I can even order my first drink, I see that a samurai is practicing his moves outside. Without so much as a by your leave he calls out that his sword has taken a ‘mind of its own’ and wants to attack me (!!!).


Thanks for the warning, I guess?

I suppose I shouldn’t be so disbelieving.  Whenever I see Donald Trump, my fists involuntarily punch him.  I’ve had to replace four televisions in the last month.


While this samurai ‘struggles’ with his own sword, I can either ‘wrench’ the sword away with an improvised Whirlpool throw, take his legs out with a Dragon’s Tail throw or leave him ‘to his fate’.

I’m not so much worried about ‘leaving him to his fate’ as I am of the sword stabbing me in the back as I move on.  I think I need to deal with it here.

Assuming the sword of the samurai is the actual problem here…..

(Ha! See what I did there?)


…I don’t think its an awesome idea to slide across the ground and expose myself.  I therefore try to get to the root of the problem by trying to wrench the sword out of this chap’s hand.

I need a 6 or more on two dice to succeed in this choice, and get a 7.

He introduces himself as Enomoto and uses his ‘healing hands’ to restore a further two points of Endurance.  This song plays in the background.


As well you may hide your face Elton, for inflicting the soundtrack to the Lion King on an unsuspecting world.

He tells some absurd story about how his sword was ‘moved’ while he was sleeping, and obviously enchanted during this period of time.  I suppose he reads Playboy for the articles, too.  Enomoto does offer to buy me food and board and, like an idiot, I turn him down.

Umm, because ninjas don’t need to eat?

I rather elect to carry on to Takahiri, since I still need one flag for my matching set of two.

For those who remember my first attempt at this book they’ll recall that on entering the city I again run into Nao, who enquires suspiciously about my purpose in the city.

This time, rather than making some crass comment about enoying the night life, I admit that I intend to ‘take something’ from the Daimyo, specifically mentioning the flag that I seek.

Nao states that he opposes the ‘tyranny’ of the Daimyo, and offers an alliance, since he also seeks to penetrate the palace and free certain prisoners.

Always happy for some help, I take him up on his proposal.

Feeling like the new Butch and Sundance, we start to make our way together through the city, exchanging gossip and trying to avoid Pokemon Go players.

Stats : All modifiers : 0 Endurance : 20, Inner Force 2, Shuriken 3


6 thoughts on “Ninja! – Attempt 2, Part 4

  1. Love the … where do I start… lots of good lines etc there., especially the SOTS reference. Is the Tv shop still honoring the warranties on the televisions your going through (or that your fist is going through).

    Any Samurai who left his sword where another can get their hands on it does not have their mind on whats important and I wouldn’t eat with them either (its like a Ninja letting their equipment be nicked while in a fight … oh, wait…).

    Just to point out in Nara there were TWO other TOTALLY DIFFERENT ways of getting into the palace. There is great replay value in Ninja.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Replay value indeed Fenrir, there are whole cities like Suma and Nasaka that haven’t been visited!
    I always liked the artwork here, although for clearly different reasons than Ighr.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. No, I don’t have time, between Astrology Readings and Business Writing, I find myself falling asleep in the bath at night. It’s hard to find erotic fiction that is intellectually stimulating :)) as well. Weekends are for sampling cocktails with handsome men..

    Liked by 1 person

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