Ninja! – Attempt 2, Part 3


Alright, I’m slightly more alert now than for my previous entry.

Aside : For those that care, my client’s Trial as listed today settled after 7 (!!) hours of negotiation and, frustratingly, settled for an amount that was literally (yes, literally in its proper sense) ONE FREAKING PER CENT different from an offer of settlement which we made in NOVEMBER 2015.



Chigeru and I reach Nara, a city bounded by a cliff face on one side and with an outer wall of ‘stamped earth’.

After making the nodding acquaintance of some well-crafted descriptive dialogue, we come to the (5 storey) denizen of the Daimyo.  On the top story we can see a flag, obviously representing our goal.

Chigeru, again using an honourable approach that is both admirable and, you know, stupid, advises me that he intends to make a try for the flag during the daytime since a ninja such as myself will have a greater chance of success during the night.

I can also attempt a daytime assault, wait until night (hoping that he is unsuccessful) or just try elsewhere.

I don’t want to be reliant on another competitor’s failure (also known as the Steven Bradbury method) so I resolve to directly compete with Chigeru during the day.

Chigeru acknowledged my intent and then uses some kind of ninja-hypnosis-fu to bluff his way past the samurai at the gates.

I can climb the outside structure to the roof (Climbing skill not needed) or grab some armour and attempt to bluff my way past the samurai.

I don’t trust my acting ability that match, plus (notwithstanding movies) it is extremely improbable that I could find an outfit which would convincingly fit me.

Wall crawl!

Naturally, since I am not doing this at night, my black ninja costume attracts some attention from the street below, as they note my ascension up the palace wall.  Certain spectators take things a little further than that, with a samurai bowman taking aim at my climbing form.

Not even a cursory phone call to check whether this is part of a David Copperfield stunt.

Anyway, this busybody samurai reckoned without my (apprentice) mastery of the Arrow Cutting skill!

While climbing up the wall, I observe the archer, track the path of the arrow, catch it LIKE A BOSS, throw it aside and continue my climb, making it to the roof.

No comment on whether I bow in appreciation of the undoubted applause from the crowd watching me from below.

I reach the roof, and see that the flag is guarded by a kind of spider’s web, with the remains of various seekers entangled in same, including Chigeru’s severed head (!!)

Some kind of half teenage girl / half spider emerges and makes it clear that her mission is to stop any followers of Kwon from retrieving the flag.

The book’s illustration is the feature image, but can I also just mention the below picture, from the comic book SAGA (Brian Vaughan / Fiona Staples).  Its a fantastic mix of Star Wars, Romeo and Juliet and a soap opera.


Read it.  Seriously. I’ll wait.

In an event, I have a choice of martial arts moves.  Given her body shape (!!) I don’t think trying a throw would be effective.  I therefore go for the Forked Lightning Strike kick.

When turning to the next page, I see that anything but three specific moves (of which mine wasn’t one) is apparently ineffective, and I find myself trapped by webbing against the wall.

I have to use a point of Inner Force to strike her with an Iron Fist punch, and then free myself.  I can throw flash powder into the fire, go for a Shuriken / Leaping Tiger combo or alternatively go straight for the flag.

I think a ‘run at the flag’ option is foolhardy, given that this woman / spider combo will still be able to kill me, even if I am still holding the flag.

I throw a Shuriken and with a follow-up move try to kick her IN THE FACE.

Her defence against my combo attack is 7, meaning I need 8 or more on two dice.  And I get…..

7 exactly.


In a result slightly less awful than expected, I’ve lost my shuriken, but still get a secondary option.  I can throw flash powder or go straight for the flag.

I still think I need to take out this enemy first, so the flash powder option is a go!

Briefly, while this creature is shielding her eyes from the resulting flash, I grab the flag and manage to scramble down the wall to the street below!

Strike one for the good guys!

Stats : All modifiers : 0 Endurance : 19, Inner Force 2, Shuriken 3




7 thoughts on “Ninja! – Attempt 2, Part 3

  1. Well done today, 1 per cent or not, a win is a win! Do they even know who they are dealing with?? I bet NO…Plebs… Well done again, now I have to dedicate another Rosary tonight to say thanks for the win!! xxxx

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  2. Another route would have yielded a clue as to the right move to make. Incidentally the book states Chigeru was trained by a mystic in the mountains, it is hinted but never revealed that this could have been Togawa of Kwon’s Flail fame.

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  3. For the record, I cared and I trust you realised that the other side are seriously cursing the fact that from November to now the could only shift you, Timothy “The Wall” Byrne, by one flaming percent.

    It is possible that the Samurai thought you WERE David Copperfield and figured there would be be compulsory Seppuku if the Daimyo’s palace disappeared. Exciting battle with the Spidergirl but with one of the top Kwon monks dead and all you have to show for it is a scrap of cloth I wouldn’t count this as a victory for good by any means… but it is a plus for your personal goal.

    Whuch flag will you go for next???

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    1. With regard to settlement of my matter, my frustration was that our side made an extremely reasonable offer of settlement 9 months ago, and rather than coming to an agreement then, it took the other side 9 months (and significant legal fees) before arriving at a place that was a payment of only around $10,000.00 (more to our client) different from the original offer!

      As for the importance (or otherwise) of flags, I refer you to an old quote from a music-hall song of the 1890s :

      “It’s only an old piece of bunting
      It’s only an old coloured rag,
      But there are thousands who died for its honour
      And fell in defence of our flag.”


      1. …Due to time and commitment constraints I’m trying to limit my social media exposure which is why I don’t have a wordpress account which is why I don’t “like” your or other’s comments, but at points like this I have to say I do like your comments.

        I appreciate your frustration.Also just to clarify my comment on the flag, I was querying its value to the temple of Kwon especially as it came with such a huge cost, but yes, if something has value to even just one group then it has value.

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      2. This evening met former neighbour at my shop who’s also a solicitor. He has NEVER discussed his work with me but when I said he could sympathise with your experience he … opened up. Had very choice things to say about causes of these situations and highlighted one experience that still burns many years later. So, your frustration is felt and understood on the other side of the world.

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