Ninja! Attempt 2, Part 2


Chigeru mutters some expository nonsense about how, using some ‘mind over matter’ technique, he as able to avoid suffering mortal wounds from the injuries inflicted by the worshippers of Vile.

Hey, mate.  If it helps the story, I’ve got no problem with a bit of improbable survival.

Further, Chigeru confirms that there are evil-doers around the countryside, obviously sent to make our movements more difficult.

Chigeru asks if I wish to accompany him to Nara.  Since the alternative is to go to the ‘disreputable’ city of bridges, I elect to allow Chigeru to act as my human shield.

Before we reach Nara, Chigeru kindly uses his ninja-fu to restore 2 points of Endurance!

He strongly reminds me of those idiots in the Amazing Race who give money to the people who are their competitors.  Its one thing to save someone from dying, but this kind of assistance simply seems stupid (alliteration ahoy!)

We reach Nara, and I extend a genuine apology to my fans, because I just simply can’t do any more.  I’ve been working for 17 hours today, and have a Trial tomorrow.

Stats : Endurance : 19, Inner Force 3, Shuriken 4


2 thoughts on “Ninja! Attempt 2, Part 2

  1. Considering how many times the tablecloth of doom introduced my poor Ninja to an improbably death I’m also completely ok with the occasional improbably survival.

    Regarding aiding the competition, while I hesitate to suggest a Lawyer looks at the fine print you’re mixing up the role of Overlord with that of Grandmaster (of the 5 winds). As Overlord you have a yearly personal expenses budget of 3.6 million US dollars (from Overlord Attempt 1, Part 6, dated May 13 ), which includes being dressed by beautiful handmaidens and being guarded by Brienne of Tarth (and her twin sister or cousin). As such getting to that position can best be described as every man/woman for themselves.

    As Grandmaster of the 5 winds you get to “feast” on simple meals of rice and veg (which would actually be quite a feast if my wife was the cook, but I digress solely to boast) while your focus is on supporting and training your fellow monks/killers not-for- hire I mean Ninjas, while giving any wealth you have to the poor. As such, while you have to complete the assigned tasks to pass this initial test, as a secondary goal you also have to be seen to be supporting your fellow Kwonites. Conseqently its more like an early episode of Survivor (only without the hired models). So you took an early lead by rescuing Chigeru so he catches back up with you by healing you of some wounds.

    You’re probably in the trial even as I type this so I hope some semblance of Justice will be done (already understood that confidentiality will hold you back from giving any details). Ciao and if appropriate good luck.


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