Ninja! – Attempt 2, Part 1


Here we go.

As this incarnation of name-to-be-inserted-later-by-Grandmaster embarks on this quest, I’ve decided that my character is, while fundamentally a ‘good’ person, still blinded to a degree by youthful ambition.

To that end, I will be having a narrow focus on the individual achievement of attaining the ‘flags’ and winning the contest, rather than necessarily stopping to help every oriental damsel in distress.


I do select the same three skills as for attempt 1, and resolve carefully to avoid losing my shurikens, ninja equipment and dignity.

I strike out on my own towards Nara, eschewing the party assisting Singing Wind and following instead the route chosen by Chigeru.

As I stroll past various villages and farms, I eventually make my way past some beautifully written descriptive dialogue before discovering three worshippers of Vile tormenting a bound figure who is clearly Chigeru.

For some weird reason I observe one of them stab Chigeru without drawing blood.  As I leap into the fray, I note that Chigeru manages a Teeth of the Tiger maneuver (while tied up!) breaking the neck of one of his torturers.  The third enemy falls back as I engage with the ‘lead’ villain.

I first hurl a shuriken AT HIS HEAD but roll a 2 (!) meaning that the Shuriken sails off into the wood.

I opt for what I hope is the surprise option, remembering that Yaemon, the supreme follower of Vile, was vulnerable to the Dragon’s Tail throw.

Round 1

I need a 6 or more to succeed, and get a 4.


His responding Cobra Strike jab hits, and does 3 damage.


Round 2

Leaping Tiger kick!

Both the Vile follower (in all senses of the word) and I roll a 7, meaning we are both unsuccessful.

Round 3

Another kick!


Alright, this dude has a starting Endurance of 12, and I roll the maximum (6) for damage, giving me 6+2 = 8 damage worth of kick TO THE FACE!

The responding roll of 3 means I laugh in the face of his ineffectual assault.

Endurance : Me 17, Reverencer of Vile 4

Round 4

Stick with the kick!

My roll of 8 (to hit) and the 3 + 2 = 5 for damage make this combat a piece of history.

The final enemy dashes in, having waited, in true action movie fashion, until I had disposed of his ally before initiating an attack.

Without breaking stride, I slam him with parallel chops onto either side of his neck, now watching as he begs for mercy.

My ambitious attitude doesn’t extend to flat-out murdering people who have surrendered to me, so rather than adminstering the coup de grace, I demand information in return for my mercy.

My submissive enemy admits that they were sent to patrol the area, searching for followers of Kwon to waylay.

Aside : Waylay is just one of those cool words, isn’t it?  Conjures up images of gentleman robbers like Errol Flynn’s Robin Hood.  Speaking of which, did you know that Olivia De Havilland, Flynn’s frequent co-star, just turned 100 (!)





Anyway, my captive admits that he understands a follower of Nemesis tipped off their weaponmaster as to our movements.  ‘He’ (and I’m unsure as to whether it means the follower of Nemesis or the weaponmaster) is known as ‘the Dagger’.

As scary nicknames go, I’ve seen better.  At least his nickname wasn’t ‘Truffles’ or ‘Marbles’.

Since we’re not gonna kill this dude, we cut him loose and watch him make his humbled way off down the road.

As I turn to the next paragraph I get the disappointing but unsurprising news that my shuriken has vanished into parts unknown.

I compare notes with my fellow competitor, before plotting his (non-violent) downfall.

Stats : Endurance : 17, Inner Force 3, Shuriken 4


7 thoughts on “Ninja! – Attempt 2, Part 1

  1. I don’t think you went that way in book 3, but Aiguchi the master of weapons in that book says he is nicknamed the dagger and indeed his name is Japanese for dagger. It’s an obscure detail, not of relevance at all to the plot of this book, just a subtle tie in.

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  2. Errol Flynn’s AutoBio “My Wicked Wicked Ways” is one of my favourite books of all time…sigh/swoon…what an Adonis he was…wish I had a Time Machine, I would get into so much trouble…

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  3. He was so brave, he reminds me of my Dad and my Uncles, he had that fearlessness and strength/machismo very few men have these days (my esteemed Author is also an exception).

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  4. When you said she was now 100 I was just thinking that the aging process is a terrible curse, then I saw the photo and all focus was lost. Wow! I’m assuming that its just shading rather than what it looks like but she’s still got amazing eyes (yes, I am one of those men who will genuinely look at a woman’s eyes, sometimes). Focus still lost.

    You wrote some things but focus is just unfocused. Cool Calvin and Hobbes cartoon and well done on saving a fellow Kwonite. BTW, Chigeru’s explanation of why the Vile Vileite goes all submissive also explains a section in Avenger, but since to get to that section you have to give up getting Kwon’s Flail we never really see it. Was going to say good luck with the next installment but I’ve already read it so instead good luck with the trial.

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