Ninja! – Attempt 1, Part 5


As I ceremonially give Mutari’s body a final kick, I realise, in true James Bond fashion, that the guards / ronin will arrive at any moment, and that he who fights and runs away, lives to run away again another day.

I grab what I can only assume is the ‘falcon katana’, regretfully leave my trusty Shuriken buried under the dead body, and race back down the secret passage.

I return to Singing Wind, hand her the sword and gratefully accept the flag of Lemne.  This tune plays in my head as I safely store the flag among my belongings.

Aside : Presumably, in my short speech of acceptance, and after thanking the Academy, I make some token mention of the assistance from my fellow ninjas.  Their supporting role in my triumph is duly noted.

The four of us return to the palanquin and change back into our ninja outfits.  Aiko disappears, after changing into a costume resembling that of a priestess of Eo.  Daon and Gorobei also leave.

I can now head in one of several directions, but my interest is immediately piqued by the description of Takahiri as the ‘disreputable’ city of bridges.  Sold!

Aside : Are the bridges disreputable in and of themselves, or are they unfairly being tarred as guilty by association?  Is it a city with a lot of underground gambling dens that just happen to be near a lot of bridges?  I wonder.

After leaving the road and travelling cross-country, I note a piece of white cloth (!) trapped in a tree and flapping wildly.  As it ‘breaks free’ I avoid it (I’ve already noticed the ominous sigils of death on the cloth) but it changes course (!!) and again heads towards me!!

Aside : I’ve survived a Son of Nil, Honoric, giant spiders, Yaemon and many other things but I’m calling it now – I’ll probably get wiped out by a piece of cloth.

I can try to set it on fire with my flint and tinder, pin it to a tree with a Shuriken or wrestle it to the ground with my bare hands.

I’m firstly handicapped by not being able to kick a piece of cloth TO THE FACE so I’m understandably a bit hesitant about the various options.

I think hand-to-hand combat with a piece of cloth is a course fraught with danger.  Taking the time to light a fire might be dangerous, so I’ll go for the quicker option of a sharp-edged shuriken.

I need an 8 or more to pin it to a tree, and roll a…….7.

Gulp.  This can’t be good.

This glorified bed-sheet tries to wrap itself around my head to smother me.  It successfully ‘squeezes’ 2 points of Endurance from me.  I throw a second shuriken and luckily get an 8, meaning this jumped-up tablecloth is now pinned to a tree where I successfully set it alight and watch it burn, hopefully while sipping some cognac with my feet up.

I collect one of my two shuriken, leaving me with 3.  I also note another victim of this creature, being a dead samurai with his katana glued to his scabbard.


I pass numerous settlements and other buildings that are now ruins, victims of the ‘great’ (not my word) civil war.

I spend the night in one of them, and manage to restore 2 endurance points, returning me to my maximum.

The quest continues!

Stats : All modifiers : 0, Endurance : 20, Inner Force : 2, Shuriken : 3


6 thoughts on “Ninja! – Attempt 1, Part 5

  1. That jumped up tablecloth got me more than once 😡😢, also liked the run away line.😁. Referencing a previous post one wonders if anyone remembers what the “Great Civil War” was about either (personally I think its part of how before TOD (i.e. 5 months ago) the forces of evil were gradually throttling the life out of the rest of Orb, but I digress).

    Walk warily friend, remember David Walters fiendish tricks have already trapped you once.

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  2. I’m impressed, I was worried the table cloth might get you!
    The great civil war is in the history section of the Orb RPG not yet out: in 1454 CR, the shogun Toka died unexpectedly and the title passed to his son, Kanemichi. The new shogun’s brother, Yunsume, challenged him for the Shogunate and began the civil war. The war ended in 1471 CR with the abolition of the office of Shogun and established the primacy of the Emperor. This was later reversed in the Black Lotus Rebellion which led to the banishment of the monks of Kwon, the death of the Emperor and the establishment of the first Shogun in 300 years (15 years before the start of book 0).
    The particular details Fenrir will be in the Orb RPG, this is just a brief overview.

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  3. … oh, ok, so I guess it IS known what the war was about. Of course I’ve more questions (especially why the Kwonites were kicked out and what cr stands for) but you’ve given a good plug for the book that I was already planning on getting (I love history so love getting history/backstory of my entertainment also). I admit I’m also very curious am I right that prior to TOD and especially Avenger the forces of Darkness were gradually triumphing (when they weren’t slaughtering each other that is). And if my maths is right Redeemer is set about 1787 CR.

    Btw, there’s a few references in Ninja to the ruins of the war, they’re very well done. We’ll see how many Timothy reaches in this walkthrough.


  4. It’s complicated to summarise, but the great civil war was isolated to the island of plenty as there was more limited contact with the mainland. However there have been times when evil is clearly in the ascendancy (how the legion came to own Quenchheart keep is one of them).


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