Ninja! – Attempt 1, Part 4


We all follow Singing Wind (or her evil imposter) to some internal quasi-park with an ornamental bird-basin, a fish pond and presumably some Enya on the soundtrack.

Singing Wind (hereafter SW, because I’m getting seriously tired of typing that) lifts a bit of ‘turf’ which is, I’m sure, shaped like a doormat, because she fishes out a key from underneath!

The key opens a narrow tunnel, which can (barely) fit only one person.  SW confirms this tunnel leads to her bedchamber (!!) and that it is best if only one person moves through it, in case a speedy retreat is required.

Aside : The need for a secret passage to her bedchamber is glossed over, but I assume the reasons include the need for a way out for her (in time of emergency) and a way in for Fabio-esque gardeners (in times of even greater emergency).

We literally draw straws for the chance to move through the passage, and a Fate roll is required.  I literally don’t know whether it is lucky or unlucky to draw the short straw in this situation.

I get a 7, meaning Fate smiles both at and upon me, and this means, for the book’s purposes, that I get the short straw and the assassination mission!

I crawl through the tunnel and reach the bedroom, where Mutari is sleeping, with the sword by his side.  I’ve been warned in advance that the floor is effectively booby-trapped, and I don’t have the Climbing skill which would enable me to take a vertical route up the wall and across the ceiling.  I can rather rush in, or alternatively throw a shuriken, before attempting to grab the katana.

Since, according to the cliche, fools rush in, I rather break out one of my five (5) trusty shuriken.

The shuriken strikes him in the shoulder (seriously, every action movie character gets hit in the shoulder by every missile weapon) and I am pleased to note, as I rush in, that this blow means that I can deduct 6 from his starting Endurance of 15.

The ‘alarmed’ floor is bringing people from everywhere, so it is clear that I have a limited time to finish off this interloper.  I can use the Forked Lightning Strike, the Dragon’s Tail throw or the (boring) Iron Fist punch.

Since I need to (apparently) finish this fight quickly, I try to take him off his feet with the Dragon’s Tail throw, before maybe using Inner Force to take him out.

Round 1!

I need a 6 or more to successfully throw, and roll a 12  (!!)  My follow up Forked Lightning Strike has my Inner Force behind it, and I need a 4 or more to hit, due to the successful throw.  My 8 is more than enough, and the damage is…..

1 (you’re kidding) +2 +2 = 5 and then x 2 (Inner Force) equals 10.  Luckily, he was reduced to 9 by my shuriken meaning :



The looting of Mutari’s body will have to wait until tomorrow.

Stats : All modifiers : 0, Endurance : 20, Inner Force : 2


8 thoughts on “Ninja! – Attempt 1, Part 4

      1. Oh I thought you meant my comment was a pointless nitpick. Incidentally that male friend is now a woman called Jacinta. He would always critique my makeup and now I know why.

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  1. Why did Singing Wind have a secret tunnel to her (and her hubby’s! ) bedroom? For precisely this sort of occasion! Successful rulers try to anticipate ALL scenarions.

    As for your gliding through a section where I flailed as helplesdly as Xander fighting Harmony (obscure Buffy reference), all I can say is “The Die Roll is Strong with this one”.

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