Ninja! – Attempt 1, Part 3


We four musketeer / ninjas join Singing Wind and her retinue, which consists of two samurai bodyguards and two ‘burly’ servants whose role is to pick up the palanquin and carry it along from place to place.

For the fashion conscious, the palanquin is purple while the servants are dressed in white.


As we move through the streets, a former temple of Kwon is pointed out, which has now, sadly, become a ‘cargo store’.  For maximum sadness and / or desecration points, it really should have been converted into an adult video store or an underground boxing ring.

In the highest of the seven famed hills of Lemne, sits an ‘impressive complex’ surrounded by an impressive wall.  Singing Wind calmly informs us that ronin (hired warriors / mercenaries) guard this impressive structure.


Before you can say “plan so crazy it might just work” Aiko takes the place of Singing Wind in the palanquin, while Daon and Gorobei change clothes with the palanquin bearers.

Did anyone else suddenly start hearing this tune in their head?

Oh, did I mention that I volunteer (yeah, right) to cling to the underside of the palanquin as it (hopefully) coasts through the gates?

The gates are guarded by six unsuspecting rodin.  If I wasn’t the protagonist I’d be worried.

Aiko calls out from the palanquin some threatening comments about being Singing Wind, and wanted to regain her home.  The battle is joined!

Aside : Given that we were basically just going to attack, I’m not positive what use the whole disguises were, except that I suppose they helped us get close enough for hand-to-hand combat without being suspected.

Choice! I can join in the battle by trying to stop an unengaged ronin from attacking Aiko’s blind side, or try to sneak over the wall on my own, with the goal of killing Mutari myself.

Leaving my comrades in the middle of a battle would be even more morally suspect than refusing to join them on the mission in the first place, so of course I back Aiko up.

I hope she remembers this decision next time there’s a dispute at the Kwon Bar and Grill about who buys the next round.

As I join the fray, Gorobei decides to show off and grabs an enemy in a massive bear hug.  The ronin faces me with katana drawn.  I go for a Whirlpool throw to gain time.

The ronin has Endurance of 11.

Round 1

I roll a 7 and successfully toss this piker over my hip.  My follow-up Winged Horse kick only needs a 5 to connect, and I get a…..9!

Damage roll is 1 (sigh) +2 +2 = 5.

Luckily the ronin’s sword doesn’t touch my lithe, quick-moving form.

Endurance – Me : 20, Ronin 6.

Round 2

I try the same throw / kick combo, and succeed in both rolls!  Damage is 3 + 2 +2 =7, meaning victory without a sword blade coming near me.

Piece of cake.

I see that my fellow ninjas have sorted out the remaining foes, and now that there is no prospect of danger or inconvenience, Singing Wind ‘bravely’ dashes up to survey the carnage.

Thanks for your help, lady.

I have my sneaking suspicions she’s going to turn out to be a double agent of some kind. Maybe this is just a product of my character’s naive mistrust of women.

Aside : I just thought of this : the protagonist can’t be called Avenger, since he won’t be named that until the Grandmaster says this shortly after the start of the book (coincidentally) called Avenger!  So what’s my name now? Fred?  Daphne? A nicely asexual name like Chris or Danny?  I know :






In any event, Singing Wind suggests following a secret tunnel which will avoid ninja countermeasures set up by the enemies.  Alternatively (once more) I can leave the team and strike out on my own.

Till next time!

Stats : All modifiers : 0, Endurance : 20, Inner Force : 3



3 thoughts on “Ninja! – Attempt 1, Part 3

  1. Firstly Kudo’s for being able to seamlessly fit a picture of a Jehovah’s Witness into a blog about a Ninja in a roleplaying game. Like Kwon’s Ninja’s they worship a Lawful Good God and their sudden appearance is usually greeted with dismay (and going by Ninja and Usurper attempts at banning both tend to fail).

    The former temple probably has a dungeon/badement for illegal fights while some of the more disreputable wizards cast obscene Illusion spells every Friday night.

    Yes, I did start hearing that tune before you played it, and beware, because you’re the protagonist David Walters has fun coming up with imaginative ways you can die.

    While I also stick with the three musk… has gunpowder being invented yet??? While I also stick with the three FistFooteers in fairness to David giving the option to sneak off they’re more than capable of wiping out the guards themselves so your using the opportunity to slip in quickly and kill Mutari before the alarm is raised is sound tactics. But I still wouldn’t do it.

    Singing Wind is ok, you may remember her from Assassin. And with our gender never being defined our original name would have to be gender neutral, but, for now, we are Ninja!

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  2. The ninja in question here would have been referred to as Naijishi’s chosen, as for an actual name your guess is as good as mine!


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