Ninja! – Attempt 1, Part 1



Just to let my loyal readers know : This book is a prequel to the ‘main’ Way of the Tiger series.  Avenger (as in the main character) isn’t even called Avenger, since I only get that name at the start of Book 1 of the Way of the Tiger series.

More importantly for gaming purposes, all my hard-won modifiers have gone the way of the USSR – lost to the sands of time.

I am again asked to choose three skills of the Way of the Tiger, and I suppose this may well be the chance to revise those selections made (for an older version of my character) all those months ago.  Let’s get interesting!

I choose Poison Needles, because of course I do.  For the other two choices, let’s be bold and go for Acrobatics and Arrow Cutting, simply because they are first alphabetically.

Otherwise, the book confirms that I am a young ‘apprentice’ (if you will) ninja, about to take part in a contest with other acolytes to challenge for the opportunity to vie for a place as Grandmaster of the Five Winds.

And seriously, there is a whole lot more to talk about, but I have been preparing for two upcoming trials for clients, and I’m starting to see double.  Further, my wife’s parents and sister are sitting on the couches near me, watching a show on Italian cooking.

So, as interesting as this book looks, the suspense will have to continue.

And, just to let everyone know, I actually have my one night out a month tomorrow, so there may well be no updateds for two days (!!!!)

Hopefully my loyal readers won’t abandon me.

As Jacques in the Simpsons says “Better than the deed, better than the memory, is the moment of anticipation!



7 thoughts on “Ninja! – Attempt 1, Part 1

  1. The feeling of genuine progression was something I always liked about the series, it is why I increased base Endurance in book 7.


    1. Not to mention the opportunity to get an extra +1 to your fate roll, rather important if you don’t have Glaivas to help you into the Palace. Yes I always take that route, its nice when virtue isn’t its only reward.


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