Redeemer! – Attempt 2, Part 15


We pass through the (apparently deserted) servants’ quarters, and pause before a door which, from the smells and sounds, clearly enters into the Palace kitchens.  No word on whether we can smell tacos, fish & chips or vegetable soup (or all at the same time.  Heck I’d eat that).

In one of the side rooms, we note various items of discarded clothing.  I assume that these are servants’ outfits, rather than sporting apparel, french maids’ outfits or leather chaps / caps combos.  Csaky suggests that we can either enter together, with me commanding the staff (as Overlord) if necessary, or she can disguise herself and enter in advance of myself.

The second option clearly appears preferable, given that :

  1. Its pretty clear that there is an Imposter in power, who is ‘warning’ people of my presence;
  2. If Csaky’s disguise fails, I can always then revert to the option of attempting to gain obedience due to my appearance.

I delegate.

Csaky throws on a disguising outfit and saunters into the kitchen.  Hoping her acting rises above a Madonna-esque level, I check my Twitter feed and bide my time.

Suddenly panicked shouts of ‘FIRE!’ break out and I hear various footsteps making haste away from the room.  Interestingly, I don’t hear any sounds of people bringing water, summoning help or otherwise assisting.

Csaky strolls out, tosses the sooty robes aside and makes a smug comment about how she also managed to obtain directions by stating that she had to bring food to ‘the prisoner’.  I’m torn between admiration at Csaky’s chutzpah and disgust at the gullibility of the Palace staff.

We find the secret entrance to the dungeons and descend, nothing that the corridor and cells become flooded to a greater and greater degree as we move forward.  We finally come across Dore, slumped on a wooden bench, badly beaten but alive.  Half expecting some story about how several hundred enemies must have taken him by surprise, he rather holds up his hand for silence.

As Csaky picks the lock, the silver gauntlet with which I replaced Dore’s hand takes on a life of its own, before Dore, presumably looking horrified, plucks it from his hand and tosses it into the water.

I was getting worried we were watching a re-enactment of The Body Politic.

Anyway, a nameless monstrosity starts to emerge from the water.  I won’t get poetic, but it basically looks horrid, with tentacled appendages rather than arms.  Suspecting that this is Donald Trump’s second least attractive child, I note with concern that Csaky makes an elementary error of entering someone’s cell and getting trapped inside.

Well, I guess that settles it. She is related to me.

Well, its one on one now.  Iron Fist, Teeth of the Tiger or Winged Horse.

Teeth of the Tiger doesn’t seem a good option, given that I have no idea if this thing has the same vulnerability at the neck as humans.  Given my Kick Modifier, the Winged Horse is my first choice.

OK, this thing  facing me is bad news all the way.  It has Endurance of 26 (!!) and manages to strike with 1-3 individual tentacles in each round.

Here. We. Go.

Round 1

The one spot of good news is that I only need a 3 on two dice to hit.

I expend a point of Inner Force, hit, and do (4+2) x 2= 12 damage.

Two tentacles attack me.  I block the first, but the second hits and does 5 damage.

Endurance : Me 12, Ny Kur : 14

Round 2

Since I blocked in the previous round, I need a 5 to hit and (sure enough) only roll a 4.  Another two tentacles go for me, and I succeed in blocking the second, while the first misses.

Round 3

I get a 4 again (!!) and miss.

The Ny Kur again sends 2 tentacles at me, and neither penetrate my defences, although I do need to use a block on one of them.

Round 4

I hit, but only do 4 damage.  The Ny Kur attacks with only one tentacle, and it is blocked.

Endurance : Me 12, Ny Kur 10

Round 5

Desperation growing, I risk a throw.  Unfortunately, I should have trusted my earlier judgement, as I need a 10 or more to succeed and roll (groan) a 9.  I suffer 5 (!) damage in response.

Endurance : Me 7, Ny Kur 10

Round 6

I revert to a kick, succeed and do 6 damage.  In response, I block one tentacle, and evade another.

Endurance : Me 7, Ny Kur 4

Round 7

My kick lands, presumably TO THE FACE and the 7 damage is more than enough.


Hopefully Dore’s healing hands will now come in handy (heh).


Stats : Endurance : 7, Punch Modifier : +2, Kick Modifier: +3, Throw Modifier : 0, Fate Modifier : +1, Inner Force : 4


3 thoughts on “Redeemer! – Attempt 2, Part 15

  1. Thought we had nearly lost you there! Keep going and be careful, you are so close now. So says David Walters, trapping alternate people in cells since 2014.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Besring in mind that msny of these staff were probably there when the Usurper was in charge you’d think they’d be more discreet. You should have kept the order of the yellow lotus around, Foxglove would have kept them on their toes (please noone think I’m serious). Your plight reminds me of a time in the late 80’s when an elderly friend shut his front door behind him leaving the key inside. We wrnt to a nearby clothes shop to get a coat hanger and were able to open a window. Worried about this he proceeded to make the window more secure. Two weeks later he again dhut the front door eith the key inside… We got suspicious looks in the clothes shop.

    I’ll just point out that you were the one who decided that someone you called a ‘madman’ in Inferno was old enough to decide what to do with a magical item from Foxglove. But at least Czaky can’t mock you for getting caught in a cell now.

    Here’s hoping you have better rolls in the next fight. This is getting tense (r).

    Liked by 1 person

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