Redeemer! – Attempt 2, Part 7



Stepping into the circle transports me into some kind of spirit realm of Fate.  I didn’t even need to smoke a suspicious-looking cigarette or chew on a mandrake root.

I’m surrounded by bamboo groves, while there is also, in front of me, a ‘dark crystal’ edifice.

Just another Saturday afternoon at ninja HQ, in other words.

For those who are statistically-minded, and also those that just want to try and make sense of these ongoing proceedings, I apparently now have a ‘Spirit’ score, which is not calculated by the contents of my liquor cabinet, but rather is the sum total of my Endurance and Inner Force.  That would give me a (current) score of 23.  (I think.  My Arts degree didn’t prepare me for this kind of advanced maths…)

Anyway, I can hear some kind of singing in the bamboo grove,supposedly to  the tune of the ‘Catechism of the Redeemer’.  As this is the only clue towards the path to take, I walk into the grove before entering the ‘edifice’.

As I walk into this ethereal grove :

  • My hands become paler, until I guess they resemble those of a agoraphobic Scotsman;
  • This hymn becomes more ‘discordant’, so I guess less Adele, and more Britney Spears;
  • I see a monk whose face is obscured, wearing a brown habit, with the hymn emanating from him / her / it.  This monk is also wounded, with blood spilling from the wound.
  • As I approach the song becomes ‘corrupted beyond all recognition into one of ineffable damnation’.  Heavy – In other words I guess it starts resembling ‘Come on Eileen’.

I can attempt to staunch the wound, attack this monk, or sing to try and drown out the sound.

The problem with the last choice is that my singing voice is probably indistinguishable from the tune of ‘ineffable damnation’.

No, seriously.

In any event, that option is just left-of-centre enough to work, so I try it.  It apparently stifles the ‘chant’ of the other monk, leaving ‘him’ (the book’s word) dazed.

Call me a sucker because, notwithstanding the obvious indicators that this monk is not a friend, I try to assist with the wound.  In a lack of gratefulness not seen since I took my 3-year-old to a football game, the monk grabs my wrist and does 2 points of ‘Spirit’ damage.

I manage to use a (spiritual) Iron Fist punch TO THE FACE to encourage my opponent to vanish ‘with a shriek’.

And that’s it for today, because I just watched my Australian Rules team win over their archrivals LIKE A BOSS and its now almost midnight.

Stats : Spirit : 21, Endurance : 20, Punch Modifier : +2, Kick Modifier: +3, Throw Modifier : 0, Fate Modifier : +1, Inner Force : 3


8 thoughts on “Redeemer! – Attempt 2, Part 7

  1. I have a VERY Close friend who is Scottish. I seek His counsel regularly…..helps me dodge spiritual bullets etc. Agorophobic..he is not…


  2. Funnily enough I’m also part Scottish (and statistically minded), I also work with a girl who has just completed the second year of her law degree and she confirmed you don’t need maths to do law.

    I read your blog after our 8 year old demanded pizza for dinner (and it HAD to be from a chip shop I’m not used to) and then wept bitter tears over not getting quite the pizza he wanted before insisting at home he wouldn’t eat any of it finishing with being angry that we ate some of the pizza now that he suddenly decided he wanted more. Wife and I both sympathised/appreciated your lack of gratefulness comment.

    Interesting musical summary. Now give the bad guys hel brother.

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  3. Off the wall question but as you specialise in Family Law. A few months ago we watched an interview with some survivors of one of the Family Court Murderers bombings in new south wales (we’re connected), which included the aftereffects including some still having tinnitus to this day. Researching I was very pleased to see the main suspect was finally arrested a year ago but since last august … nothing. Not even on Wikipedia. Is this normal in the run up to a trial, or is it just not a big deal with the online papers (I get most of my news from the net), or is there a court appointed blackout or what? I’d love to know is anything happening there but my usual sources are blank.

    Obviously if the answer is you legally can’t say anything then of course that’s fine, its still more than I know already. Again sorry its not to do with WOTT but you’re the only person I can ask about this. Oh, and if later you’d prefer to delete this comment as being too off topic thats also totally fine.

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    1. I an in Victoria, so I only have second hand knowledge. I know that Leonard Warwick (the accused) was remanded in custody in January 2016, and that there were concerns about his mental health.

      The criminal Court has the (discretionary) power to make a ‘suppression’ order forbidding publication of matters relating to proceedings, but that would be unlikely in a situation like this. I would say it is more likely that the matter is slowly making its way through the system while careful examination is taking place of the accused’s (current) mental health.

      Generally, with regard to Family Court matters (remembering that Warwick’s trial is a criminal matter, not Family Court), publication of any material which would serve to identify a party, witness or child is prohibited (section 121 Family Law Act 1975 (Cth))


  4. For some reason we’ve moved from ninja karaoke to Scottishness. I am Scottish, Jamie Thomson sometimes refers to me as the Scottish Samurai!
    Tim, you didn’t mention Fortuna’s warning of an obscenity sent by the gods of evil to befoul your path. Watch out!


    1. Fortunatly we Scots have thick skin.

      My Dads favourite bittersweet joke (mistakes mine) was a Glesgae man going on a business trip to London. When he got back he was asked “Did ye no hae any trouble wit the language”, “Och no, I wis only talking to the Heids of Department”.

      Translation for Sassenachs, the London companys heads may have been english but he dealt with the department heads who actually made things work and they were all Scottish, my dad was also a department head, first in London then Ireland.


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