Redeemer! – Attempt 2, Part 3


Aside : I didn’t mention it in the last recap, but although the Torch of Lumen no longer gives light, the wizard has given some kind of ninja-esque homing beacon, that will supposedly lead me to this fabled cave that contains a path out of the Rift.


As I get transported, I get the ominous message that I have to roll a single die, presumably to determine where I end up.  I get a….1.


I suddenly find myself engulfed in water, in absolute darkness.  Well, that could have been worse….I guess.  I suppose I could have been transported to the middle of the crowd at a Donald Trump rally.

I finally swim to the surface, but bang my head on the ceiling!

I manage to whip out my breathing tube and find a pocket of air in an alcove to the side of the room.  Before I can (literally) breathe a sigh of relief, I feel a hand grab my leg!

I can either (1) offer no resistance, or (2) Leaping Tiger kick out at whatever it is.  Since Glaivas got teleported with me, the obvious assumption is that it is him grabbing at me, silently begging for help.  Only a fool reacts with mindless violence in this situation.

I therefore go limp, as I’m dragged under and across to an exit that Glaivas (for of course it is he) has discovered.  My man, coming through in the clinch once again!  I’m totally going to pay him back that 10 gold pieces now!

We surface on a rocky outcrop overlooking a fissure with a river of lava.  We note some local scenery, being the dead body of a Krathiak (the whole ‘big as a city’ creature) as it is devoured by various scavengers.

Meanwhile, the Torch of Lumen prompts us onwards to another tunnel.

The darkness is intense, but luckily the glowing Paladin’s Sword and the Heart of Illustra serve as light sources.  I note Glaivas hoisting the sword high, and give him a look of solidarity,  along with a manly clap on the shoulder (Hi Fenrir!)

Glaivas makes note that this is worse than the Valley of the Lich Kings, because there at least he could ‘feel the breeze’ on his face.  I presume there were fewer spiders there, too.

We enter a large chamber, flanked by a wall on one side and a great pit on the other.  We hear footsteps of 2-3 people / things / fascists coming.  We can hide to launch an ambush, ready a Shuriken or use flash powder to dazzle the enemies as they enter.

Since the book has spent most of the last few paragraphs emphasising how perpetually dar it is down here, the decision is clear.

However, as the flash dies down, I see that these ‘enemies’ are actually Dore and Taflwr (the latter being the good priest in the contingent of stooges).

Of all the caverns, in all the Rifts in all the world……

Ahem.  So much for the flash powder.

Dore has lost his left hand (and I don’t mean that he’s left it in his other pair of jeans) and we otherwise compare notes.  Dore has essentially been working his way downwards, slaying minions as he goes.

I get the use of the strong and masculine healing hands (!) of Dore, and I restore 10 points of Endurance.  Also, I give the Heart of Illustra to Taflwr, and this deed serves to restore 1 point of Inner Force, due to regained serenity……or something.

Dore states that, in an act of supreme manliness, he cut off his own hand when it was poisoned by a son of Nil (similiar to that massive scorpion / man monstrosity from book 2).  He gives me another bottle of Blood of Nil, just in case I need to run it down any strings to assassinate Honoric (again!)

After we tell embroidered stories of our battles, we’ll need a Council of War to decide whose backside to kick next.

Stats : Endurance : 20, Punch Modifier : +2, Kick Modifier: +3, Throw Modifier : 0, Fate Modifier : +1, Inner Force : 3


3 thoughts on “Redeemer! – Attempt 2, Part 3

  1. Six books on and you still haven’t been able to use those 10 gold pieces … the trouble with Orb is too many square jawed heroes squaring off with square jawed villains rather than getting real jobs to boost the economy.

    Point to Dore, Avenger needed “help” from Thaum to kill a Spawn of Nil but Dore did it single handed (literally), I afrsid this puts him in AWESOME category.

    And that photo was just too beautiful for the rift but thanks anyway.

    Liked by 1 person

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