Redeemer! – Attempt 2, Part 1


Well, back to the start.

And by ‘the start’, I mean the cliffhanger (webhanger?) at the end of Book 6, where Avenger just chilled in the Black Widow’s web for TWENTY-SEVEN YEARS.  I hope his Iphone had a charger.

I’m going to change my first choice, in the hope of avoiding that crippling leg injury that accrued from the attempt to use my Sceptre.

Blood of Nil, come on down!

Well, that option was just as bad, if not worse, than the use of the Sceptre.  The Blood of Nil causes the Black Widow to ‘shudder’, but she catches me a ‘glancing’ blow across my face, causing blood to flow and the vision in my (non-Orb related) eye to blur.  On a practical level, I lose 6 Endurance, and any use ofmy precious skill of Arrow Cutting is futile until I get healed.


Bullet points!

  • I once more spot the Flesh Golem known as ‘Everyman’.
  • The Golem and the Black Widow have a little tete-a-tete, while I quietly observe.
  • Realising I can’t stay here forever, and that I’m probably missing the Game of Thrones premiere, I once more use a point of Inner Force to break free of the web.
  • My various friends and enemies also free themselves from the web.
  • Despite my desire to, at some point, try something different, I feel that going down the same tunnel as Cassandra was (and is) the best way to go.
  • As I catch up with Cassandra, I see that she is unarmed and, once again, succeed in my Fate roll.
  • We again run into the spider-possessed Foxglove.  Armed with my foreknowledge, I jump Foxglov immediately, succeed in the attack roll with my Sceptre (just – rolled a 5) and squash the spider whatsit at the back of ‘Foxglove’s’ head.
  • I follow Cassandra through the passageways, once more using my Detecting Traps skill to weave my way nimbly across the chamber with the stalactites.
  • I once more retrieve the Paladin’s sword after it rejects, like so many foolish men, the touch of Cassandra.
  • I once more have to fight the Fiend, although thankfully this time I have my full +3 Kick modifier!
  • I won’t recite the details of the bloody combat, but I manage to defeat the Fiend, while it fiendishly (!) reduces my endurance to 12.
  • Thybault arrives, finished off the Fiend and restores my Endurance to 20, while, more importantly, restoring my beautiful face.
  • I leave Thybault to pursue Cassandra while I vow to rescue Glaivas (and a particularly stupid incarnation of Avenger, who is apparently marking time in the same cell).
  • I enter the Forbidden Sanctuary, and once more enjoy the delightful sensation of my spider-passenger wriggling with excitement in my brain.
  • I take the right turn, following the blood smear and note the disgraceful looters Tyutchev and Thaum.  Luckily (literally) my fire strategy again works and the guards arrive to cause all sorts of trouble to the two thieves.
  • I reverse course, and, heavy with knowledge of another Avenger, and after spitting a Poison Needle at the guard, confront the Keeper.
  • She takes me to Glaivas, and I fancy I can hear a dead ninja cursing himself for walking into the cell of his own free will like a sucker.
  • The Keeper invites me to stroll into the cell.
  • How stupid do you think I am, lady?? Do you think I’d fall for that??

Regular transmission resumes.

The Keeper, surprisingly helpfully, assists Glaivas out of the cell and we look meaningfully at each other.  Just as things were threatening to turn into a Nicholas Sparks novel, a spider of Nullaq (!!) crawls out of Glaivas’ left ear and leaps at me, presumably hoping to buy a house and pick out curtains in my head with its little friend.

Did someone mention that I still have the skill of Arrow Cutting??  Why, yes I do.  Spider, meet heel of my shoe!!

Glaivas falls into my arms, and, while having an awesome mang-hug, starts muttering some sweet but unhelpful (at this time) nonsense about how I am his redemption.  Thanks mate, but I’ve already read the title of the book, and I could use info (which he doesn’t have) about where Dore is.

Nope, no help there.

The Keeper, presumably while letting out an evil laugh, talks about how the Black Widow’s minions have no surrounded us on all sides, and there is clearly no escape.

Or is there…..

Stats : Endurance : 20, Punch Modifier : +2, Kick Modifier: +3, Throw Modifier : 0, Fate Modifier : +1, Inner Force : 3



3 thoughts on “Redeemer! – Attempt 2, Part 1

  1. Nice image of ninja hugs, presume that is what happened to the last Avenger! The most scary thing to be avoided in the Rift: travelling with Eris?

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  2. Eris is a good route actually, you don’t get the Paladins. .. sorry, the SHIELDMAIDEN’S sword (thats blessed by a Paladin) or meet Foxglove but otherwise its worth playing.

    And losing an extra two hit points while keeping your kick modifier is a price well worth paying (not to mention the satisfaction that comes from knowing you caused the Black Widow some real pain).

    Finally I don’t think you’re the Redeemer. You had to be saved (redeemed) from the web and still need divine help to get out of the Rift. If you couldn’t get the Flesh Golem the Spirit Tiger from the front cover would come in a TOTALLY AWESOME intervention and you may get more help from her and she’s the rep for Kwon The Redeemer. Finally the book is partly Redeeming the hideous ending of the previous book. You also weren’t Usurper, Warbringer or Inferno. Of course David Walter can always just say I’m wrong.

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