Redeemer! – Attempt 1, Part 8


As my faithful readers know, I have just been reunited with my bro Glaivas.

And when I say reunited, I mean that, surrounded by enemies, I see him emaciated and helpless in a cell.

Notwithstanding the fact that we are far underground, surrounded by enemies, I assume that we share a manly hug before any other decisions are made.  Although given what follows, maybe not.

I can help Glaivas out of the cell before my guide changes her mind, demand that the ‘Keeper’ help me, or smash my Sceptre IN HER FACE.

Its hard, but I might resist the face-smashing for the moment.  Again, that kind of stuff may yield some short-term satisfaction, but it will simply precipitate a battle-royale against a whole heap of enemies.  I decide to bide my time and simply assist Glaivas, while I monitor my surrounds.

Of course, like an idiot, Avenger rushes INTO the cell, which promptly re-seals itself, locking me in.

I’m trapped, and my attempt to finish books 4-7 with one incarnation of Avenger is doomed.

Re-checking the exact description of my choice, it states that I can “help Glaivas out of the cell”.  I should have realised that this description meant that Avenger would, like a sucker, enter the cell, but it was vague enough to fox me.

Avenger will return!!


10 thoughts on “Redeemer! – Attempt 1, Part 8

  1. Oh noes, what an anti-climax… Speaks volume about the virtue of a good hit in the face at times. Not even a chance to regret not having Escapology? What a crafty trap, old tricks are best.

    Good luck to the next incarnation.

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  2. Sorry my friend, but to be fair to try and warn you I did call this outcome some time ago in the Forbidden Sanctuary. Of all my traps, that one was a beauty… Now maybe we can see a non-Cassandra route off the web 🙂

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  3. Noooooo! Ok, what can I say. Been there done that. You did very well though.

    Manly masculine sympathetic clap on the back.

    I’m sure you’ll do better nedt time.

    Cool pic by the way. Is the fact that its a corner a reference to your getting trapped?

    Long live Avenger the next.

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    1. It is always possible he could do worse if choosing different options! Never mind, at least this Avenger can have a last moment with Glaivas before the end…

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      1. Worse than being trapped in a temple to Nullaq with a spider in your brain knowing your eye (and sceptre) will be used by the Keeper to invade the surface world (all the while knowing that it was himself who destroyed the main armies of the surface world a couple of months ago so there will be no real resistance) … actually yes, you HAVE written worse fates than that! BEWARE TIMOTHY BEWARE!!!

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  4. I have no idea what’s going on here, as I felt that the keeper had us outnumbered and relying on her mercy at this point, so what was up with this trick? … Was it one of those “I’ve already won, so let’s just add insult to injury and make you get in the cell voluntarily, SUCKER” ?

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    1. The Keeper is a religious fanatic who believes in the prophecy yet cannot fathom how Avenger can fulfil it by escaping the Forbidden Sanctuary. This makes her curious enough to lead him to Glaivas. She will trap him if she can easily do so for her goddess, however as Avenger has made it all the way to the depths of the Rift she fears Avenger’s power and ultimate divine backing to fulfil the prophecy.

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