Redeemer! – Attempt 1, Part 5


My martial arts choices for this D & D-esque battle are between an Iron Fist punch (the old standby!), a Winged Horse kick or a Dragon’s Tail throw.

Now the Dragon’s Tail throw is, in my experience, high risk.  As long-time readers will recall, it involves sliding across the ground to sweep the enemy’s legs out from under him (or she, or it, as the case may be).  Given my allergic reaction to, you know, dying, I elect not to go with such a dangerous move, particularly on the uneven ground of a cave.

Notwithstanding my drastically lowered modifier, winged horsed kick is go!

In a nice ego boost, the book confirms that my kick is ‘shattering’.  More importantly, I only need a 6 or more on two dice to hit.  Unfortunately, this Fiend’s Endurance is a nasty 22 points.

Round 1

I hit and manage to do 6 damage.  I’m then annoyingly informed that every time I hit, there is a 1/3 chance of doing myself 1 damage on the spines (!) of the Fiend.  Luckily it doesn’t happen this time.  Now, this ‘Albino (!) Fiend’  needs a 9 to hit me and dismally fails.

Endurance : Me 16, Albino Fiend 16

Round 2

I roll a 5 and just (!) miss.  Similarly the Fiend also misses.

Round 3

I smash through the pale defences, scoring a 10.  4 damage accrues.  I don’t suffer the spine-related damage.  The Fiend misses.

Endurance : Me 16, Fiend 12

Round 4

I get a 6 (!), kick through the defences but only 3 damage.  Luckily the Fiend again fails to penetrate my ninja evasion.

Endurance : Me 16, Fiend 9

Round 5

I miss, but so does my opponent.

Round 6

I hit and manage to do 7 damage TO THE FACE.  No spine-related damage!  The Fiend’s ‘to hit’ roll of 8 is a feeble attempt that my unharmed form laughs at.

Endurance : Me 16, Fiend 1

I am now directed to another paragraph because the Fiend has dropped to Endurance of less than 8.

The Fiend staggers backwards and Cassandra sticks her nose into MY business by smashing a rock against the Fiend’s head, crushing it like an egg.

Cassandra makes a passing comment as to how she was tempted to watch us beat each other to death (like that would’ve happened) and fails to mention that :

  1. She needed me to fight her battles to get out of here;
  2. Her heart clearly skipped a beat when she saw someone striking blows against my noble person.

While we’re busy gazing into each other’s eyes, Thybault, haggard but unharmed, staggers from one of the archways.  In what I’ll admit is a boss move, Cassandra snaps the dead Fiend’s spine from its body in two pieces, throws one at me and flees.

Thybault makes some self-righteous comment about the wicked fleeing from the righteous.  While he didn’t make a single move to help before, he does now admittedly heal me back to my maximum Endurance of 20.

More importantly, my leg is healed, with my Kick Modifier restored (!!!!)

Thybault says that he has seen a dark stalagmite which could contain the Forbidden Sanctuary, which apparently holds Glaivas.  Alternatively, we could both chase after Cassandra for vengeance.

Notwithstanding my name, I don’t feel the pull to avenge the death of a High Priestess whose name I barely remember and whom I’ve never met.  Glaivas, rather, has helped me in several books, and needs my help.  My choice is clear, even if my name must be revised after this book.

Thybault and I go our separate ways.

Stats : Endurance : 20, Punch Modifier : +2, Kick Modifier: +3, Throw Modifier : 0, Fate Modifier : +1, Inner Force : 3





10 thoughts on “Redeemer! – Attempt 1, Part 5

  1. Earlier in the book you were looking for an option to attack Cassandra, and now that one comes along you don’t take it… I think you two must have bonded on your travels.

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  2. When the only alternative was having her around to possibly betray me, then, yes, I was all for the kick TO THE FACE. Now that she’s fled into the darkness, I say good riddance to bad rubbish.


  3. If you HAD run after Cassandra you’d be getting comments about enjoying watching her too much etc so you can’t win, but you can stay alive.

    And you’re still an Avenging Avenger if you Avenge Glaivas imprisonment … actually he deserves being imprisoned … ok if you Avenge the attempt to trap you in the Rift.

    You’re not going up yet but at least you’re not going down either. Go forth and kick.

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      1. I shall choose to ignore our hosts plea of Jinx alert.

        Honestly, he chooses well throughout the books when he reads the authors clues (e.g. run after Cassandra because its the quickest way out, don’t run after her when you know where Glaivas is, etc), but he didn’t have to take the leg injury from the Black Widow and he missed 2 (TWO) healing potions in Inferno. So there’s a lot of iffy choices he could mess up on plus there’s always the dreaded curse Poor Dice Rolls!!

        It would be a pleasant surprise if he does it first time, but he does have a chance (heck, you had people being killed while still on the spiders web, how was that for “After a twenty seven year wait, YOU’RE DEAD, bet you didn’t see that coming”).

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        1. If I was playing the book with my knowledge of it I would have chosen the same path so far as the optimal route, not all the same options but the same general route to that point. That’s why it looks like real promising progress, although I did anticipate a death in the Forbidden Sanctuary so we will see if that comes to fruition. He does tend to do his worst when he is too casual, so I think setting him on edge has brought out his best!

          In terms of the deaths that were available on the web at the start, I felt it had to be punishing to make the wrong choice. It is appropriate to be deadly to make a mistake in the middle of that situation deep in the Rift.

          Some people thought they should have been able to directly fight and kill the Black Widow, but I felt it was more important to have the ultimate evil to be too powerful to defeat in a straight fight rather than another name on Avenger’s substantial kill list. If Avenger can fell the mightiest of evils, where then is the next challenge?

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          1. The Spider web was designed to be a death trap for Avenger, to have a “with one bound Jack was free” option would have been ridiculous. Plus we live in a world with DRAGONS!!! The Black Widow has to be uber powerful to hold Old Ones, Dark Elves and Cave Trolls in her thrall … plus running for your life while she slugs it out with a powerful supernatural entity made the whole thing for me quite terrifying.

            I.e. No complaints from me.

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  4. If only you’d had the climbing skill, that cyclops would not have been so bad, but I hear you. I hope it will remain the low point if your quest!

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