Warbringer! – Attempt 1, Part 17


Aside : This is why you don’t make crucial decisions late at night.  The previous entry was completed late at night, after I’d watched my team (Hawthorn, for Australians) win a glorious victory.  After the end-point as noted in the last entry, I made a couple of choices ‘just to see what happened’.  Oh, we saw, alright.

Honoric, faced with defeat, attempts to rally the remnants of his army.  Then (because you just knew he had something else up his mailed sleeve) he blows a horn. (Swear to FSM, the literal text of the book says “He puts something to his lips and blows”.) Ha!

Yes, I’m twelve, why do you ask?

In any event, a colossus, eight metres (!!) tall appears in front of Honoric’s forces, wielding a larger version of Sorcerak and looking cranky.

Without really thinking about it, I elected to attack, taking Dore and several elite soldiers.  Unfortunately the attacks of 200 (!) of my soldiers have no effect, and this beast lays about itself causing havoc.  My forces withdraw somewhat, and I now must note that a pursuit (again, whatever that is) can no longer be achieved.

The elves under my command now cast their subtle spells and cause the ground in front of this beast to transform to quicksand.  When the ‘colossus’ sinks up to its chest, the spell is reversed, trapping this monstrosity and giving my forces a well-deserved opportunity for laughter.

I now have to confirm that my army cannot conduct a pursuit.  I was absolutely convinced that this would mean I was about to die.  However, when I turn to the directed paragraph, I am rather dryly and simply informed that Honoric’s army retreats and will not threaten the Manmarch for ‘years to come’.


No final duel?  No desperate pursuit of Honoric personally?  No threats of vengeance?  This puts the ‘anti-‘ in ‘anti-climax’.

How would that differ if I could ‘conduct a pursuit’?

In any event, I am certainly relieved to be directed to turn to the long-awaited final paragraph of 420.

When my forces return to Irsmuncast, it is mentioned, almost as an aside, that an army of 10,000 from the Rift surrounds the city.


However, notwithstanding that my force is clearly inferior (in numbers), when they sight my army, the simply ‘pack up their camp’ and return home.

Umm…OK?  I guess my eye/Orb is just that intimidating.

After some titanic struggles, the book now comes to an end, as Avenger is pondering what other challenge he will face.

If I didn’t know generally what the next book was about, I would assume that it involved Honoric knocking on the city gate, demanding a 1-on-1 duel.

I’ll write a conclusion tomorrow, but can I just mention….

First attempt!!  Wow!!

Final Stats: Endurance : 6, Punch Modifier : +2, Kick Modifier: +3, Throw Modifier : 0, Fate Modifier : +1, Inner Force : 1


2 thoughts on “Warbringer! – Attempt 1, Part 17

  1. I often (when suffering from insomnia) search for very benign text (usually from boring business articles)which unwittingly serve as sexual double entendres. Needless to say, this does the opposite of what I am trying to achieve (sleep)…even more problematic when one is single.

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  2. I’d just like to confirm that I have a copy of the book before me and my client has quoted correctly. Now I have to say :


    I’ll just point out that I did say “just don’t be stupid”.

    Ok, if you’d succeeded in your pursuit you’d not only destroy the Legion of the sword of doom but Honoric would also die “the arrogant, always angered face calm and relaxed in death”. Before you go ‘Aww’ Dore adds “No longer shall he terroise the weak and innocent”. As such he is no longer a major threat in the books, but before you curse the decision to attack the Colossus your earlier decisions mean you wouldn’t have caught him anyway so no sweat. However, you know that hansome, intelligent, erudite and plain awesome poster, author and demi god David Walters? Well in Redeemer he kindly gives you an opportunity (depending on your choices) to have a conclusion with Honoric.

    As for the forces of the Rift fleeing when you appear? Hello you just defeated the most powerful evil armies of the Manmarch along with the greatest evil generals (Honoric and George), no way anyone could convince any army of Orcs and Goblins to take you on now.

    And finally-

    FIRST TIME!!! WOW!!! Well done!

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