Warbringer! – Attempt 1, Part 16


I’ll be honest.

I was fairly devil-may-care during the early parts of this book, but now that I’m in sight of actually completing it in one go (despite the difficult reputation of this book) I’m actually quite nervous about each decision and / or dice roll.

As you may recall, I’m now facing an ‘Old One’, a name which really leaves me so many joke options I feel spoilt for choice.

The ‘Old One’ is obviously considered formidable, what with being given the cover slot (for this book) and all.  Call it the Britney Spears of ninja opponents.  (Actually, given Spears’ recent appearances, the ‘Old One’ epithet may well be appropriate).

Since I’m on horseback, I obviously can’t kick or throw (although I would have paid to watch Avenger to attempt either of those).  I can use a (bare-handed) Tiger’s Paw chop, strike with my Sceptre or simply try to ride the Old One into the ground.

I figure if I’ve got this mystical item, I may as well use it.  Sceptre strike!

Round 1

My Sceptre does 1 dice + 3 damage, and I can’t use Inner Force.

I need a 9 or more to hit.

I roll a……6.  The Old One needs an 8 to hit and gets a….9.  I fail to block the blow.  Not only does it do 7 damage, but I must use a point of Inner Force to ward off the mystical consequences of the blow.

Endurance : Me 13, Old One 22, Inner Force 2

Round 2

I roll a 9, but my previous attempt at blocking means that I still miss.  The Old One hits, but this time I block the blow

Round 3

I roll a 2 (Yikes), while the Old One gets a 6 and also misses.

Round 4

I roll a 10 (hit!) but only do the minimum 4 damage.  the Old One gets a 7 and just misses.

Endurance : Me 13, Old One 18

Round 5

I miss (again!) while the Old One hits, but I am able to block the blow.

I choose to switch to the Tiger’s Paw punch, so that I can take advantage of my Punch Modifier (+2, in case you forgot).

Round 6

I hit but only do 2 damage.  The Old One misses (needing an 8).

Endurance : Me 13, Old One 16

Round 7

Just mentioning that I only need a 6 to hit.  I get an 11 (!) and do 4 damage. The Old One hits, but I (just) block the blow.

Endurance : Me 13. Old One 12

Round 8

After a block (successful or not) I need an extra 2 to hit.  I therefore need an 8 in this round, and get a…..7.  Ouch.  The Old One gets a 12 (!!) but I again, in desperation, block the blow.

Round 9

I miss (by miles, getting a 5) and the Old One, in response, just misses, rolling a 7.

Round 10

I get a 5 (groan) but the Old One also stuffs up, with a 4.

Round 11

I get an 8 (aha!) and do a modest 3 damage.  The Old One gets a 12 to hit, but I am able to block.

Endurance : Me 13, Old One 9

Round 12

I miss, due to the penalty from the previous block.  Once more, the Old One initially hits, but fails to penetrate my block.

Round 13

I again miss due to the previous block, but at least I don’t need to block this round, as the Old One misses.

Round 14

We both fail to hit yet again.

Yes, I’m meant to be an elite warrior, why did you ask?

Round 15

I hit! (8 roll) and do damage of 3.  The Old One rolls a 7, just missing

Endurance : Me 13, Old One 6

Round 16

We both miss (both rolling a 4, incidentally).

Round 17

I get a 10, hitting (!!) but only doing 2 damage.  The Old One hits, penetrates my block and does 7 damage. I also lose another Inner Force point.

Endurance : Me 6, Old One 4 (My Inner Force : 1)

Round 18

We both miss, meaning at least that my block penalty is now removed for the next round.

Round 19

I get a 6, being the bare minimum (on two dice) to hit, and roll for damage a……6!!!!!

Yes, I’m getting fired up about an 80s gamebook, if you’ve got a problem with that, pick a number and get in line!!

Die, you arrogant ‘Old One’!

Final Endurance for me at the end of the fight : 6, Inner Force 1.

My last blow ‘caves in the thing’s skull’ (so yes, that’s means the killing blow was TO THE FACE) and it falls dead.

I confirm to the book that my followers are the men of Fate from the Spires.

The Old One is dead before me, and it is confirmed that the whole of Honoric’s army is in full retreat, while my army is comparatively well-rested.  Apparently this means I am able to conduct a pursuit.  Of what, it remains to be seen.  Hopefully its not the Road Runner, because that sucker is HARD to catch.

Stats: Endurance : 6, Punch Modifier : +2, Kick Modifier: +3, Throw Modifier : 0, Fate Modifier : +1, Inner Force : 1



3 thoughts on “Warbringer! – Attempt 1, Part 16

  1. I really wantedto strike the air and yell “YES” but that fight was so strained all I could do at the end was slump in relief, yes I too am fired up (and sometimes stressed out) by 80’s gamebooks. And yes, when the two of you were flailing helplessly at each other you were Orb’s equivalent of Buffy The Vampire Slayer but the Old One was The Master.

    Congrats, just don’t be stupid and you’ll have won this book in one go (ONE GO!!!) Means we don’t get to see your commentry on Serakub but I still prefer the Spires because you also destroy the 2000 strong Legion of the Angel of Death (the only time a victory over evil should be incomplete is in the preamble to a story, NEVER the ending).

    Roll on the pursuit!

    Liked by 1 person

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