Warbringer! – Attempt 1, Part 14


Alright, here’s a (sideways) map of the troop dispositions.  I’ve tried to rotate this, but the technology has defeated a humble ninja such as myself.




The book now mentions that :

  • Honoric’s soldiers on (my) left advance over Ruric’s Bridge at a ‘fast trot’.  Thank FSM it wasn’t a canter, or we’d presumably be in real trouble.
  • When these troops reach Bridgebeam, the enemy’s Levies, the Legion of the Angel of Death (Awesome name alert!) and the Warrior Women of Horgroth begin to advance across the ford.
  • The Legion then charge ahead against the men of the Spires, the latter of whom are stationed between the Farm and Colwyn’s Mound.
  • I note that Honoric’s officers are ‘cursing’ (amazing how I can read lips from this distance, as well as noticing which soldiers are officers) because the Cavalry have apparently prematurely leapt into action.

I hear you, guys.  I hear you.

  • In any event, as these premature chargers hit the intervening ditch, they lose formation and there is momentary disorganisation in the enemy ranks.
  • My bannermen are ready to attack, and Dore (naturally) cries to me to allow him to charge to attack together with the cavalry.

I can either allow Dore to lead the cavalry to attack the enemy as they try to cross the ditch, or order the line to stand firm.

While I would normally be wary of such bloodthirsty and aggressive commands, the obvious strategy in a situation like this is to attack when your enemy is weak and disorganised.  I therefore give my (presumably dignified and restrained) command for Dore to lead a charge against the enemy when they are at their most vulnerable.

Dore (and, to my surprise, Gwyneth) charge towards the enemy cavalry as the enemy’s forces are ‘trying to reform’.  That latter sounds suspiciously like something Optimus Prime would say (gratuitous 80s childhood reference).

In any event, the entire line of enemy cavalry is thrown back (literally) into the ditch.  As the enemy crossbowmen line up to return fire, the retreat is sounded and my cavalry return to our lines in good order.

Aside : ‘In good order’ sounds delightfully English.  You picture the breakfast dishes being cleared ‘in good order’, rather than it constituting a description of numerous blood-soaked riders returning to the safety of friendly soldiers.


I have, apparently, won a ‘temporary victory’.  If by ‘temporary’, they mean ‘only lasting a thousand years’ I’ll take that.  Unfortunately, I seriously doubt that this is the actual meaning.

I know this is another short entry, but (personal comment alert) I am currently assisting a client with a Trial (total legal costs of my client after 2 Trials and an Appeal are around $250,000+) and after a full day in Court, and significant catch-up work, I am quickly typing this post at my office at around 10.00 pm.  So I feel comfortable with my conscience.

Stats: Endurance : 20, Punch Modifier : +2, Kick Modifier: +3, Throw Modifier : 0, Fate Modifier : +1, Inner Force : 3

Awesome names : Legion of the Angel of Death sounds D & D-esque and also Book of Revelations-esque at the same time.


3 thoughts on “Warbringer! – Attempt 1, Part 14

  1. My client.

    I obviously have legal and ethical restrictions from telling the whole story, but she (my client) has been dragged through the Court system for years by her former husband (I work in family law) while he has engaged in various nefarious acts.


  2. You’re conscience has every reason to feel ok. For one thing, although you haven’t covered as many paragraphs or action you still provide a decent sized post for us to peruse, devour, digest and critique.

    How would Avenger know who the Officers were and that they were cursing? Because this is BEFORE the days of the sniper rifle and the Officers wear distinctive armour (so they can be easily recognized by their own sides grunts and pointed in the right direction again) and because they’re the one’s who, when most of the army go charging forward yelling “RA RA RA”, are instead standing on their stirrups waving their arms and yelling. You don’t have to hear the yelling to know its cursing.

    And no real surprise that ForceLady Gwyneth joins the charge, in Usurper she takes the lead in the revolt and at the start of this book she’s beside you in leading the counterattack, this was the time when military leaders led from the front rather than sit in a bunker five miles behind the front line (whether either is better or worse is up to each individual to ponder).

    Good luck with your case, obviously I don’t look at your posts either until work, family and worship matters are (for the moment) out of the way.

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