Warbringer! – Attempt 1, Part 12


I return to my army, and catch a few hours of sleep before dawn.  No word on whether I dream of Gwyneth, Shadazar or Kate Upton.

I review, together with my advisors, the map above.

Currently, my army is around the Greenridge and Tallhill.  Honoric’s forces are gathered around the Manor House.  A stream of refugees is pouring over the Old Bridge and down the road.

My scouts confirm that Honoric has around 18,200 soldiers, compared with my 10,000 (!) And, just to rub it in, it is confirmed that the Legion are among the best soldiers in the world.

I guess that’ll just make my victory all the sweeter, hmm?

I have three main options :

  1. Gwyneth :
  • She suggests a concentration of forces on the right flank, concentrated on Wickerwood, with the Elves (naturally) in the wood itself.  This is known as ‘refusing the left flank’.  Obscure military terms!
  • Antocidas’ mercenaries to hold the Old Farm;
  • Cavalry positioned on Colwyn’s Mound, with a line of units stretching to the Greenridge, and a centre in Hartwig Fell’s Farm.
  • 1,000 soldier reserve on Tallhill, with the commander’s (my) post there.
  • Glaivas and the Rangers waiting in ambush at the Old Bridge.

2. Dore le Jeune

  • An attacking structure, with our cavalry and 4,000 of the footmen before the stream between Woodnugget Wood and the Wickerwood (that’s too many Ws for my taste).
  • Gliftel’s bowmen in Woodnugget Wood as the paladins (led by Dore) lead a charge through the open ground beyond Manor Ridge.
  • The remainder to hold Hartwig Fell’s Farm in case of a flank attack.
  • The command post (together with the White Mage of Avatar) to be on Colwyn’s Mound.

3. Hickling (the commander of the Fiendil forces)

  • Adopt a defensive posture.
  • Gwyneth with her cavalry to hold Ruric’s Bridge.
  • 2,000 footsoldiers and 500 cavalry to hold the ford
  • Gliftel’s bowmen in Woodnugget Wood.
  • The Spires soldiers and cavalry to form a line between the two woods.
  • 1,000 men of the Spires and Antocidas’ mercenaries to be in reserve near the Greenridge, where the command post should be.
  • Glaivas and the rangers to hold Colwyn’s Mound as back-up.

Toller of the Spires of Foreshadowing and the White Mage agree with Dore’s plan.  Glaivas and Gliftel, in G-Force solidarity, back Gwyneth’s proposal.


Before I say anything else, its going to take something pretty special to make me knock back a proposal supported by both Gwyneth and Glaivas.

Now (he says with the appearance of a military competence that he by no means possesses).

I don’t see the overall benefit to a defensive (read : passive) posture.  It really only works in the short term.  This isn’t a siege where I just have to outlast my opponents.  They’ll just pause before attacking from another angle.  Dore’s proposed charge, on the other hand, seems to be tempting fate.  If you don’t win the battle in the first 5 minutes, then you’ve essentially surrendered the initiative and will succumb to the enemy’s overwhelming force.

I hope to goodness that paragraph sounded like I new what I was talking about.  What happened to deciding between a Cobra Strike and a Leaping Tiger?

In (not) a shock, I think the concentration of forces on the right is the way to go. Gwyneth: this may well be your crowning achievement.

There’s a further map showing the troop dispositions, which I’ll edit this post tomorrow to show.

In the meantime, I mention to the team my discovery of the wyverns in the enemy camp.  the White Mage of Avatar confirms that he will ‘take care’ of the situation.  Goodness – sounds like Tony Soprano might be getting a call for help.

As the armies face off, while presumably exchanging insults involving the words ‘mother’ and ‘army boots’, a herald from the opposition stands forth and challenges me, on behalf of Honoric, to single combat.

Yeah, not too much time needed to think about this.

Challenge – accepted.  I’ll wipe that 70s-era moustache off Honoric’s face or literally die trying.

Stats: Endurance : 20, Punch Modifier : +2, Kick Modifier: +3, Throw Modifier : 0, Fate Modifier : +1, Inner Force : 4



One thought on “Warbringer! – Attempt 1, Part 12

  1. As a moustache bearer myself I take some offense at your ongoing moutache taunting comments, you’d need an electron microscope to measure this offense of course but its still there.

    Have to add that theres actually 18,700 enemies against you, the scouts missed 500 cavalry of the spires but you only notice if you count the deployments on the map, makes your victory more glorious. With over 1 per cent of the Spires population on the battlefield now (or over a fifth of the combined armies) this batlle is a seiries of grudge matches rolled into one.

    For the record its ok to be defensive here because you know the enemy are going to keep attacking you and wearing themselves out. Give em hell.

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