Warbringer! – Attempt 1, Part 11


So – by acting as an eye-patched scout for my army, I may actually see some action and roll a die or two!

I follow the River of Beasts (!)  and pass by a village as I leap (!!) a small stream.  Its those minor ninja feats that sell me on Avenger.  I pass a manor house and sight the army raised up against my forces.  With a sinking heart I see banners of cities such as Doomover, Aveneg, Greyguilds, Mortavalon (and others).

Aside : You’ve gotta think that the name Aveneg came from a typing error when the author was trying to describe Avenger.

Aside #2 : Hopefully the ‘and others’ doesn’t include, you know, Tel Aviv, Washington DC or Minas Tirith.

I wait until night, and plan to borrow the uniform of a guard who will no longer need it, for reasons of being about to have their backside kicked by yours truly.  I spot two guards warming themselves at a small fire.  I can throw Flash Powder into the fire, use a Poison Needle (!), throw a Shuriken or simply attack from behind.

Poison Needle, naturally.

I hit one guard at the back of the knee, which has no armour.  Why I didn’t spit my Poison Needle AT HIS FACE, which also had no armour, is a mystery.   As his comrade bends over his body, I apply a crushing, yet polite, blow to the back of his head.

I quickly don the armour which, like in every good movie of this kind, is an apparently perfect fit.

I now look like any other soldier of Vasch-Ro from Aveneg, if every soldier of that description had an eye-patch concealing a gemstone instead of an eye.

I move quietly and discreetly through the camp, noting an argument / fight between a follower of Fell-Kyrinla, the ‘Man-Hater’ (the book’s word, not mine) and a member of Honoric’s legion.  I note that there is ‘no love lost’ between these supposed allies.

I can’t talk though – a substantial part of my army is made up of followers of Nemesis.

I manage to overhear a strategic talk between certain officers.  I learn that :

  • The Legion of the Sword of Doom (henceforth the Legion) regard themselves, probably correctly, as the best soldiers in the world.
  • The women of Horngroth are seen as sound fighters, but untrustworthy.  A little sexism, perhaps?  After all , I guess these guys have never met Gwyneth.
  • The men of Aveneg and the Spires of Foreshadowing are seen as regular troops, and the Doomover Levies are viewed with a certain degree of contempt.

While eavesdropping, I get bailed up by an officer, who notes that an ‘Aveneg legionary’ like myself shouldn’t be in the midst of the Legion’s area of the camp.  I need to make a suitable excuse :

  • I can ask to see the camp quartermaster, with some story about needing more salt beef rations.
  • Or claim to have a message for Honoric from the captain-general of the Aveneg legion.

I don’t like the second option.  I could be asked to actually produce said message or, worse, be brought to Honoric’s presence to deliver it.  I don’t fancy my chances in combat against Honoric while in the middle of his army’s camp.  Salt beef shortage ahoy!

My bluff works, as I am directed to some other location, suspicions allayed.  I notice Honoric’s tent, and some non-human figure entering same.  Rather than risk detection at such a dangerous location, I move on.

In a clearing near the rear of the camp, I notice three large wooden boxes.  I’m thinking they ain’t Christmas presents full of XBoxes.  The boxes are reinforced with bands of iron, with iron bars across the doors.  I’m hoping that they aren’t storing a zombie horde in these.  I take a closer look, and see that the boxes contain wyverns, a kind of smaller dragon.

Unfortunately, my snooping is noticed by a magician, who shouts about someone being ‘at the wyverns’ and generally raises the alarm.

As I attempt to flee from the camp, I see a line of soldiers ahead of me.  I can run at them, cut to the left or duck into a tent.  In an example of the socialist bias of these books, there is no option to dash to the right.

I try to casually stroll off to the left, but am confronted by an ogre.  Since I don’t have the skill of Acrobatics, I have to try to block its attack on me. No worries though –  I succeed in my first dice roll in a long time.  I dash through the camp, evade my pursuers and make it back to my forces.

Scouting mission – unqualified success!

Stats: Endurance : 20, Punch Modifier : +2, Kick Modifier: +3, Throw Modifier : 0, Fate Modifier : +1, Inner Force : 4

Awesome names : River of Beasts, finally solving the problem of where that bar in Irsmuncast got its name!


One thought on “Warbringer! – Attempt 1, Part 11

  1. It’s well been said that self-praise is no praise but that spying mission definitely counts as unqualified success (you would NOT have been happy if you’d missed the wyvern’s).

    If, when, those officers meet Gwyneth they’d immediately attack as Vasch-Ro and Dama are open enemies (from Talisman of Death, Fell-Krynla the man hater is directly opposed to Rocheval the god of Dore Le Jeune and other paladins). In fairness to their viewing Fell-krynla’s lot as untrustworthy not only did one try to start a fight before the battle but in Avenger Glaivas said ONLY Nemesis, Vile and Vadch-Ro haf followers disciplned enough to work together (and if you played Talisman you’d hate the evil amazons too). The world MS and JT made does hang together.

    Looking forward to your council of war…

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