Warbringer! – Attempt 1, Part 7



This section of the book is a bit tricky (by which I mean, I’ve got no darn idea).  Each member of my war council recommends seeking an allegiance from a different city / area.  I am then, that evening, allowed to perform research in my palace library on that city / area.  I’m going to do a separate section on each piece of advice and then, under that sub-heading, summarise the research.  Here we go :

Spires of Foreshadowing

The Demagogue suggests seeking allegiance from this city, noting that its rulers (the ‘Tools of Fate’) are fierce opponents of the Legion of the Sword of Doom.

The dusty tomes of the library confirm that this is a large city with temples to many gods.  The followers of Fate, who have the biggest presence here, see the soldiers of the Legion of the Sword of Doom as their greatest foes.  This city is around 20 days’ journey away.

Wargrave Abbas

Hengist (new Grandmaster of Kwon) mentions that this city boasts significant temple to both Kwon (martial arts monks!) and Dama (shieldmaidens!).  Antocidas disagrees, because he considers that the city is too far for me to travel to, secure aid from, and then return before the invasion by Honoric.

The scrolls in the library confirm that this city (which I visited on the way back from killing Yaemon and Manse) has a strong military tradition with a large temple to Dama.  It is a month’s journey there, with a significant risk that I will not be able to return with an army before Honoric’s campaign begins.

And its off to the west of the above map, further along the Crow River.


The inhabitants worship Moraine, the God of Empire, and the army consist of troops who are half beast and half man.  Greystaff expresses concern that these allies may turn out to be enemies, but Antocidas suggests that that we could bribe them with land to the east of the city, which would then enable us to use them as a human (beastly?) shield against future invasions from the Rift.

My quasi-Wikipedia confirms that Greydawn is a fairly mysterious city, of which little is known.  It is in the same valley as the City of Runes of Doom (remember that from Usurper!? I sure do)  In any event, the Temple to Moraine is the largest, and it is an open secret that they seek to expand into the northern lands of humans.  Ominous!  Sounds disconcertingly like the Union Corse after World War II.

Aside : See?  You can read about 80s gamebooks, but you can also research obscure historical references!


Gwyneth suggests the city of Serakub, which has (unsurprisingly, since it is her advice) a significant temple to Dama.

This is the ‘city of my forefathers’ and is larger even than the Spires of Foreshadowing.  The largest temples are to Dama and the god of ‘Beatan the Free’ (sounds disconcertingly like a ‘peace, love, dope’ anarchist).


Solstice suggests seeking aid from the largest city of Orb, Upanishad.  He mentions that this city has the largest temple to Kwon in the world, and that the next largest temples are to Dama and Moraine.  This is all true, but it is rightly pointed out that this city is at least as far away as Wargrave Abbas.  Solstice implies that there is ‘always time’ to make such a trip.

The research confirms that Upanishad is the largest city in Orb, with a million inhabitants. The temple to Kwon is certainly the largest there, but it is over a hundred days’ journey, and without Solstice’s supposed magical aid, there is no way Avenger could make it there and back in time.

This is such an obviously significant decision, I’m actually going to take reader feedback!  And you thought you could simply be observers to Avenger’s story….

With no guarantees as to automatically taking the majority vote, I’m going to leave this post open for a couple of days.  Please leave your opinions on this post, Facebook, Twitter (TByrne75) or on a piece of parchment left under the front doormat of the Irsmuncast palace.

Thanks in advance!

Stats: Endurance : 11, Punch Modifier : +2, Kick Modifier: +3, Throw Modifier : 0, Fate Modifier : +1, Inner Force : 0



4 thoughts on “Warbringer! – Attempt 1, Part 7

  1. Is it a given that se should be playing primarily to win, or is going for a bit of sightseeing okay even if it ends up fatal?

    If the latter I wouldn’t mind working through the cities from the top, so starting with the Spires of Foreshadowing. If the latter, I’m not sure, but I think we could probably do worse than Serakub.

    It’s probably obvious, but if playing to win we should probably be very careful with all options where the book mentions long travel times. Wasting a mission and getting a “bad ending” (though not a death, if I recall correctly) by taking the long route is something the series does at least in one place, and it’s pretty clearly telegraphed something like that might be going on here.

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  2. Ooh Ooh Me Sir Please Sir Can I answer sir?

    Timothy Byrne: Anyone can comment unless they’re a mangy dog.

    Fenrir puffs up chest, I Sir am a Mangy Wolf, I get by on a technicality.

    Ok, how blunt do you want?

    Looking at the map and measuring distances removes two options.

    One of them involves getting help from someone who promised help before and delivered NOTHING! Enough said.

    The other is about as far away but with no unreliable offer of magical help. This leaves us with three options.

    One involves calling someone to help us and then betraying them? And assuming the geographical knowledge of wannabe empire builders is so poor you can betray them? And what city did the Nazghul I mean Spectral Company orriginally come from? Oh and remember in Mortavalon the gate commemorating the victory of the men of Moraine? You do NOT want your city caught between two armies of Moraine; think long term, we want a book eight, I NEED one.

    So you really have two options. The Spires getting involved will mean their enemies in the manmarch will also get involved … but it will have a (not necessary) cool effect in Redeemer. Serakub … is actually interesting in its own right. Both are good. Both give you the options of humiliating defeat, exhausting victory or OVETWHELMING HISTORY MAKING VICTORY.

    Personally I always go for the Spires, but we established in the previous post that you’re a better overlord than me. Honestly both are good, I’m really excited to see what you do next. (Warbringer and Overlord are my two favourite gamebooks, Masters of Darkness (Lone Wolf) comes very close though).

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  3. Another vote for the Spires, assuming our city does not have enough ink or messengers to propose more than one alliance. The Spiresians would be committed, what with living beside Doomover and Mortavalon. Remember Lang’s advice to Keating!

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  4. @Linus

    Regarding the lack of ink and messengers, the book provides a fig-leaf of justification for this, with the Council agreeing that it is only my personal entreaties which hold any possibility of securing an alliance. Thanks for commenting!


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