Warbringer! – Attempt 1, Part 5


We left our brave ninja facing the back of Shadazar, the ultimate commander of the Dark Elf army which had invaded the city of Irsmuncast.

My options are :

  • Creep up behind Shadazar and attempt to use my garotte;
  • Throw a Shuriken AT HER HEAD.
  • Call out to distract her from her spell.  (What would I call out?  ‘You’re only a ‘Twilight Elf”?)

A difficult choice.  She is 5 metres away, which is comparatively close for options such as a Shuriken.  I think calling out is problematic.  She’d simply turn around and presumably lob a fireball or some such at me.

A Shuriken may well hit, but I doubt that it will end the fight straight away.

Strangling by garotte it is! (Yes, I am the good guy, why do you ask?)

As I stealthily approach, the book casually drops a mention that she is uttering the climactic phrase of the ‘Invocation of Heavenly Wrath’.

As she senses my presence she whirls to face me, and the book takes care to point out that her robe bells up ‘to show lissom black legs.’

Aside : Really??  I’m about to enter into a life-or-death struggle with an evil sorceress, and I take particular notice of the fact that her legs are ‘lissom’?  After the ‘raven tresses’ I’m going to simply assume that Avenger hasn’t known the warm embrace of a woman for quite some time, given that he keeps noticing their attractiveness level while, you know, being about to kill them.


Shadazar utters a ‘Word of Power’ before I wrap my wire around her throat.  I don’t have to wonder very long as to what spell that involved, since,  while I throttle her, I note that her fingers have become ‘red-hot pokers’ which are driving into my vitals.  In an atmospheric touch, it is confirmed that there is a ‘boiling and hissing’ from inside me, while my garotte continues to dig deeper.  I lose 9 (!!) Endurance, but as this does not kill me, Shadazar finally dies and the pain recedes.

I stand on the battlements as my troopes cheer madly and I resist the urge to begin an impromptu guitar solo.  The forces of evil break and run for the city gates, and I am promised that my ‘support will be unwavering if you can govern wisely’.  I’m making a careful note of that promise, book, so be warned.

Fade-out, and a caption reading ‘three days later’ appears on the movie screen.

The fires have been extinguished and the city is returning to order.  The people are glad to be alive, but have obviously suffered horrendous personal and financial losses. The pre-invasion laws are resolved, and Gwyneth’s troops are restoring and maintaining order.  Apparently, I am becoming ‘entirely dependent on upon her in the times of dire extremity’.  I’m pleased to note that the book doesn’t remind me of her ‘piercing blue eyes’ or similiar irrelevant poetry.

Update / infodump!

As occurred in the first half of Overlord!, Parsifal, the local Kwon Grandmaster was assassinated by Mandrake, the, well, assassin.  His replacement is Hengist, a younger man and ‘dangerous martial artist’.  That’s more like it!

The Lord High Steward of Nemesis is dead (No, I don’t care that much, either) and Foxglove has disappeared, leaving no forwarding address.  Her web-page hasn’t been updated for some time, apparently.  Golspiel has also vanished, having already made his significant contribution to the city treasury.

Demagogue, Gwyneth, Greystaff and Solstice are still around.

Gwyneth seeks an audience with me, and enters the throne room.  I realise (sigh) that I have never seen her without ‘martial accoutrements, even at royal banquets’.

Avenger really needs a weekend in Vegas, if you know what I mean.

A messenger (with the appearance of a travelling player) has arrived from the Spires of Foreshadowing and…….(drumroll) Doomover.

Aside : The Spires of Foreshadowing?  Do they show movie trailers which give away the ending on a constant loop, or is it just a silly name?

In any event, I summon the ‘messenger’ to my Throne Room.

And we’ll hear what he has to say next time!

Stats: Endurance : 11, Punch Modifier : +2, Kick Modifier: +3, Throw Modifier : 0, Fate Modifier : +1, Inner Force : 0

Awesome names : Spires of Foreshadowing, Invocation of Heavenly Wrath



3 thoughts on “Warbringer! – Attempt 1, Part 5

  1. Remember the market for these books was largely teenage boys (and their sisters), it wasn’t so much Avenger needing a Vegas holiday as the bulk of the readership … yes, I admit I devoted much time to Shadadezer’s lissom legs.

    Actually Googleing I just read that its never specified that Avenger is male… hmmm, never noticed thatbefore, but again my sister totally enjoyed playing these books also and she was always a bit feminist.

    Liked by 1 person

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