Warbringer! – Attempt 1, Part 2


When my faithful readers last saw (or read about) Avenger, he was about to bound down the staircase from the Palace roof, ready to do battle with whatever foe (most likely Orcs) awaited him.

I reach a corridor outside the Throne Room, and note a couple of orcs.  What is most telling about their appearance is their apparent fear of whatever creature is climbing the stairs towards this area of the Palace.

Braced for anything from a bail bondsman to a die-hard fan of Pretty Woman, I ready myself.

A three-meter tall Cave Troll (the books swap from yards to meters willy-nilly) emerges from the doorway, whereupon the gutless Orcs rat on me as an ‘enemy’ and it turns towards me, no doubt with a hungry appetite for lightly roasted ninja.

First order of business – Shuriken throwin’ time!

I hit the Troll IN THE FACE (specifically noted in the text) and manage to impair its vision, to the extent that I can now add 2 to my Defence in the inevitable battle.  I also can deduct 4 from its starting Endurance of 20 (!!)

My learned skill of the Kwon’s Flail kick gets a work-out!

Round 1

Kwon’s Flail lands, and does 6 damage.  The Cave Troll is accurate with its club, but I block the blow.

Endurance : Me 14, Cave Troll 10

Round 2

Still staggering from blocking the previous blow, we both miss.

Round 3

I hit (just) and do 3 damage.  The Troll hits, penetrates my block, but thankfully only does 3 damage (maximum was 12!)

Endurance : Me 11, Cave Troll 7

Round 4

We both miss again, no doubt tiring from the rigours of the day.

Round 5

My glorious spinning kick lands and causes the maximum 8 damage, meaning the Cave Troll, in the next life, can go find a bridge to hide under to scare children.


When I spoke of the Troll’s next life, I may have jinxed myself.  Although the Orcs flee the vicinity, I note that the Troll’s body begins the process of resurrecting and restoring itself.  I take the spoils of my (temporary) victory and leave the area, following the Orcs.

As I reach the entrance to the Palace, an Orc chieftan is attempting to rally his troops, using the ‘foulest language [I’ve] ever heard’.  What – did he compare them to Richard Nixon or Margaret Thatcher?


I can either feign an attack and then attempt to leap over their heads, or raise my Sceptre, commanding them to bow down before me as Ruler of Irsmuncast.

Yeah, I’m not confident about the second one, even if the first one didn’t sound about ten times more exciting.

Two of the Orcs are aware enough to fire their crossbows at me as I leap over the heads.  Ah, but they reckon without my skill at Arrow Cutting!

I manage to sweep both bolts away, as one subsequently buries itself in the back of an unfortunate Orc.

I lose any pursuit in a ‘twinkling’ and begin to try and save the city of which I am nominally ruler.

Sorry – short post today due to other commitments.  I’m sure there’ll be more action and blood tomorrow.

Stats: Endurance : 11, Punch Modifier : +2, Kick Modifier: +3, Throw Modifier : 0, Fate Modifier : +1, Inner Force : 1



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