Overlord! – Attempt 6, Part 6


I’m metaphorically rolling up my sleeves, and preparing for the final assault upon my goal.

As I approach the stormy ocean dominated by the Water Elementals, I prepare myself for nerve-wracking dice rolls to attempt to survive.  However, my charmed elven-made boat appears to have the desired effect, as the ocean spontaneously calms and the Water Elementals allow me to pass.

Just as I’m closing in on the island, and reflecting upon how (comparatively) easy this is getting, I am confronted by a massive disruption in the ocean, followed by the friendly gaze of an enormous Kraken.

Do I have a (cursed, evil, Inner Force draining) Amulet of Nullaq?  Yes, I do, and I still whine from time to time about the ham-fisted eunuchs who took me, with their lucky blows, from 20 Endurance to 1.

The presence of my Amulet causes the Kraken to back down, and I reach the shore of this island.  It is fairly bare, and only a hundred or so yards across.  I stroll across, challenging the inhabitants to do their worse.

I may have heard a voice stating ‘challenge accepted!’ or it may have just been the wind.

In any event, I reach a clearing (no, I don’t know how there is a ‘clearing’ on a bare island a hundred yards across) with the promised Devil-Beast awaiting me.  Check out the picture above.  Haven’t seen something so evil since my last meeting with my bank manager.  I note with trepidation the piled skeletons of other unfortunates who have fallen at this hurdle.

In a development straight out of a Superman comic book, bolts of red energy lance from the Devil-Beast’s eyes, presumably straight AT MY HEAD.

As I don’t have the skill of Acrobatics, I need to roll a 6 or less on two dice to dodge the attack.

I want to say in advance that the following roll was entirely genuine :

I roll a 5……[yes, that’s right, now giving me a 1 in 6 chance of surivial] and a….1!!

Still breathing!

I note that its eyes are ‘dull and empty, save for a gleam of malice’.  So basically like blackjack dealers at most casinos.

Shuriken! I need and 8 or higher and get an….8!  I roll 5 for damages, meaning that this battle is off to a promising start.

Forked Lightning Strike kick!

Round 1

I need a 7 or more to hit, and get a…..6.  Drat.

The Devil-Beast needs an 8 or more and gets……8.  In desperation I go for a block, needing 7 or less to parry.

Rolling a 10 means that this charming fellow’s razor-sharp teeth penetrate my throat. Since he does 1 dice + 3 damage, its going to be difficult for me to roll less than the -2 (!) necessary for my survival.

Gnashing my teeth, I curse the Devil-Beast to suffer wave upon wave of future incarnations of Avenger to challenge it until it inevitably falls beneath a suitably vicious kick.




One thought on “Overlord! – Attempt 6, Part 6

  1. Although on the outsideI might seem to be laughing inside I am truely crying.

    I think everyone should be impressed by your dogged determination in redoing this book 6 times so far.

    All I can say is, if you go to the Isle of Thieves again don’t think like a mugger.

    Manly macho sympathetic clap on the shoulder.

    Liked by 1 person

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