Overlord! – Attempt 6, Part 3


The Grandmaster of Shadows is suffering from a severe case of ‘KICK TO THE FACE’ and collapses meekly to the floor.

Rather than cursing me, asking for his mother, or pondering the afterlife, he handily decides that his dying words should provide me with exposition as to the zillion or so things I still have to do in order to locate and retrieve the Orb and Sceptre.

To summarise :

  • The Orb and Sceptre are located on an island near the centre of the Elemental Sea.
  • To get there I have to pass through the Fangs of Nadir (Awesome name alert!), a rocky passage between the Inner Sea and the Elemental Sea.
  • A Kraken lies in wait beyond the Fangs of Nadir, who will only decline to eat me if I am carrying an Amulet of Nullaq.
  • A Devil-Beast lurks on the island where the Orb / Sceptre combo is located.

So I need to get an Amulet of Nullaq, navigate the Fangs of Nadir, avoid the Kraken, find this tiny island, defeat a Devil-Beast, and then find my way home.

Piece of cake.  Should be back in time to watch the latest Game of Thrones.

Then, juuuust as the Grandmaster is breathing his last, he manages to throw a pointed piece of steel (concealed in his sleeve) at my face.  As luck would have it, the steel jams straight into my left eye, putting it out immediately.


My face!  My beautiful face!

In a surprising move, I don’t actually lose any Endurance from this horrific wound, but “all of my modifiers” are reduced by 1.  I’m going to make an executive decision that my Fate modifier doesn’t decrease, because I don’t think becoming a de facto Cyclops would affect my luck level.

My next move is to ransack the room.  I discover some gold (40 gold pieces) and gems, along with a healing potion that will restore 5 Endurance.  I quaff it instantly, while inwardly marvelling at the skill level I must possess to tell, merely from looking at the bottle, that this was a healing potion and that it would restore exactly 5 points of Endurance.  Or maybe there was just a very trustworthy label.

As I’m about to make my discreet getaway, a number of enemy ninjas enter the room. Worried about the odds, I prepare for battle, only to be told that, due to my impressive dead of killing their Grandmaster in single combat, they will let me go, vowing to repay the ‘debt of honour’ at a more convenient time.

Aside : If I was a student, and someone invaded my school and killed my beloved headmaster, I doubt I would let them go out of respect for their ‘great deed’.


I make it back to the surface, and have to decide which of two options to take to reach the Inner sea.  I can cross the mountains to the east or to the west.

I internally flip a coin (seriously, I remember nothing about the right choice here) and travel west.

I journey through the mountains and foothills and eventually reach the coast.  You just know that this period would be covered in a suitable montage when they make Avenger! the movie.  More importantly, I recover another 3 Endurance through my rest stops while on the trip.

I reach a fishing village on the coast of the Inner Sea, and try to locate a suitable boat-owner for a ready-money transaction.

Apparently I am aware that nothing would tempt the fishermen to ferry me through the Fangs of Nadir, so I need to either buy a boat or get a lift to a larger city where I can.

The first fisherman I meet refuses to sell his boat, as it is his sole source of livelihood.  I therefore offer him 10 gold pieces to ferry me closer to my destination.

Aside : I have no idea why Avenger didn’t at least take a modest stipend from the royal treasury for incidental expenses.  Since we were dealing, during my governing decisions, with many times weight of a man in gold, I don’t think, say, 100 gold pieces for travelling costs would have been out of line.

The fisherman agrees, for 10 gold pieces, to take me to the Isle of Thieves, and we journey for two days (another 2 Endurance points restored).

I casually ask about obtaining an Amulet of Nullaq, and his terrified reaction lets me know that this is similiar to asking about obtaining incriminating photos of Donald Trump and Madonna.  He does let me know that there is a temple to the goddess of Nullaq (the ‘Supreme Queen of Malice’ – named after my ex-girlfriend, clearly) on the Isle of Thieves.

I thank him, pay him, and take my leave.  Quest ahoy!

Stats : Endurance : 20, Punch Modifier : +1, Kick Modifier: +2, Throw Modifier : -1, Fate Modifier : +1, Inner Force : 4

Awesome names : I wish I could name a throw after the ‘Fangs of Nadir’.


6 thoughts on “Overlord! – Attempt 6, Part 3

  1. Why would the evil Grandmaster tell you that? WHY????

    I mean, if nothing else, shouldn’t he be a little afraid of what Naar and Nemesis and those guys are gonna say?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Naar is only a problem in the Magnamund universe, and even there the main threat is being trampled by his many feet (ok, so also a problem in Afrikaans but thats a language in a country that would be happy to swap their Naar for the magnamund one).

      As for Nemesis, since this all happened in his temple before his altar I’d say the GOS was following orders.

      Why such orders? Could be

      1) A geas tied in with the Orb and Sceptre (Hmm, says the mighty magician who made them, what should I do for when someone tries to take these awsy from Irsmuncast?). OR

      2) A plot by Nemesis to send Avenger to his certain death. OR

      3) Since its implied earlier that the gods are playing a game as much as a war that its an earthly manifestation of Nemesis losing a bet with Kwon. OR

      4) A device to cough move the plot along cough.

      I’m sure there are other possibilities.

      And a salute to another who played two of THE GREATEST gamebook seiries ever. For Sommerlund and Kwon! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh yes, got confused a bit there. I’m not sure how much I’ve actually legitimately played Lone Wolf on my own. I participated in a collective playthrough on rpg.net, and I checked it out a bit apart from that on Project Aon, but I’m not really sure if I ever made a character, played with real dice rolls etc, and if I did how far I actually got.

        But anyway, saludos to you too.


  2. You Shyster! You COULD have offered 20 gold pieces to the poor fisherman! Remember a monk of Kwon having no use for gold other than to give it to the poor? Anyway why bring any gold from Irsmuncast? It would only weigh you down and in the first two books you couldn’t even spend ten pieces. (Plus you could have left Irsmuncast with a MASSIVE public deficit, aĺl options had to be covered).

    Your school illustration had two flaws:
    1 Your headmaster didn’t claim to be the greatest martial arts expert in the world
    2 Your assuming the GOS was beloved. Evil remember, with him gone many people get to move up the ladder.

    And don’t be too worried about your face now, in the next book you can get it “hideously scarred”, something to look forward too, or not.

    Spoiler alert, only because you said you couldn’t remember the right choices, if you’re thinking about the Elf think about WHEN you’ld be likely to find her.

    P.s. Have to ask, I know you played Skyfall and Falcon but like Martin above did youalso play Lone Wolf?


      1. Oh good night. I’m delighted you also enjoyed Lone Wolf but sad you missed out on books like The Darke Crusade. That also means you don’t get my feet of Naar reference above, basically when Lone Wolf meets Naar he’s a mound on flesh with a pair of human eyes but LOTS of legs.

        Honestly I’d say I’ve forgotten alot about Lone Wolf, but not how much I enjoyed them.


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