Overlord! – Attempt 6, Part 2


And after last week’s cliffhanger, we’re back!

On yesterday’s Overlord!, Avenger was face-to-face with the Grandmaster of Shadows, and Avenger was a little bit more battle-hardened and wiser than when a previous incarnation took the man on.

The Grandmaster (the enemy one, not me – henceforth known as GoS) again wields his Kyoketsu-shoze, and throws the ‘ring’ end at me.  I refuse to fall for this initial ploy and dodge, rather than catch.

When the blade end comes subsequently flying at me, I elect to forego my previous high-risk strategy of attempting to catch the dagger in my hand, and rather again dodge, preventing any impact.

The GoS leaps in the air, before landing before me.  I hold myself back from a premature attack, and wait for him to make a move.

I block his initial kick, but he spins around, again launching his blade right at my chest.  I need an 8 or less to block, and get a….7.


I now have the choice of a Leaping Tiger kick or a Dragon’s Tail throw.  Only too well aware of the mess I made of things when I tried the throw, I launch the ball of my foot AT HIS HEAD.  I connect and not only manage to take 4 of his Endurance away, I take possession of his weapon, which I discard as it is apparently useless in my ‘untrained hands’.

Gee book, you’ve seen me chop, punch and strike my way out of trouble over 3 1/2 books now – what’s with calling my hands ‘untrained’??

The GoS grabs a scabbarded sword (or Ninjato, to use the proper expression) and is poised to draw.

No, I don’t have the skill of Shin-Ren.  What treachery awaits??

As the GoS draws his sword, a cloud of dust, liquid and similiar nasties sprays out at me.  I don’t have the skill of Acrobatics, so my survival is purely and simply in the hands of fate.

I need a 6 or more on two dice to avoid this trap, which will presumably blind me, and I can remember that failure means (gulp) yet another death.  I roll a 4 and a…….2.

Nailed it!

The icky goo lands on my sleeve and hood, and not my face.  The hits just keep on coming, unfortunately.  The GoS now speaks suitably mystic words, accompanied with abstract gestures and casts a spell of darkness over the entire room!  I gloomily remember the motto on the entrance to this dungeon : “Make the night your friend and darkness your cloak of invisibility”.

While straining all my senses, I am suddenly aware of something touching me in the middle of my chest.  This is actually one of the few moments in the book that I do recall from my youth.  The GoS is actually touching my chest with the scabbard of his sword, attempting to trick me into a false move.  The correct response (this time) is the Dragon’s Tail throw, which I employ.

I am able to take the GoS off his feet, and light returns to the room.  However, I don’t seem to have done any real damage, and, squinting, I can see that he is poised about 4-5 metres away, ready to throw his sword at me ‘like a spear’.

NOW Arrow Cutting returns to save the day!  I deflect the sword, as it embeds itself into the wooden flooring.

Gee, you’d think he’d be out of weapons now, right?


A short wooden stick drops out of my enemy’s sleeve, and he attempts to strike me on the shoulder with it.  The book gives me the option of allowing it to strike me and immediately counter-attacking, but I’m sure there’s some kind of hidden menace behind this simple stick, so I elect to block.

Sure enough, just as the stick was about to connect, a small yet deadly blade pops out of the end, like a Ninja-esque version of a switchblade knife or a small sickle.

For the first time I notice a ‘flicker of respect’ in the Grandmaster’s eyes.  Heck with ‘respect’, I just want to kill the guy – its not like I’m asking permission to take out his daughter or anything.

I finally have a more traditional choice of Forked Lightning Strike kick, Cobra Strike punch or Teeth of the Tiger throw.

I break out the Forked Lightning Strike.  The statistics for the GoS are actually not that formidable, perhaps reflecting the effort for me to get this far in the fight.  Given that he’s already lost 4 Endurance, he is reduced to 11.  I, on the other hand, am pleased to note that I get an extra +1 to damage rolls due to my Yubi-Jutsu skill.

Alright, this is why I’ve been saving up my Inner Force.  I go for the kick, using a point of Inner Force.  I need 5 or more on two dice to connect.  I roll…..11!

Damage is 1die + 3 and then doubled for the Inner Force.  I roll a…4!

For those of you, like me, without a mathematics background, that means (4 + 3) x 2 = 14 damage!

After all that rigmarole, I felled him with one mighty kick TO THE FACE.  Considering my prediction at the end of yesterday’s post, Avenger can moonlight as a prophet!

My opponent’s dying words, along with my attempts to escape this pit of despair, will remain shrouded in mystery until tomorrow.

Stats : Endurance : 13, Punch Modifier : +2, Kick Modifier: +3, Throw Modifier : 0, Fate Modifier : +1, Inner Force : 4


One thought on “Overlord! – Attempt 6, Part 2

  1. WHOOO HOOOO!!! Yes Yes Yes!

    Thats three Evil Grandmasters bumped off (4 if you count Manse).

    This just in, the number 1 cause of death among powerful leaders of evil on Orb is now YOU!

    Actually very interested to see which direction will you take next, I’m sure you remember why.

    Not to rain on your hard fought for parade but you can’t combine Yubi-Jitsu with Inner Force, but he’d have been killed anyway, Hoo Hah!

    Throughout Orb servants of evil now quake with fear, who shall Avenger strike down next.

    P.S. I know you were just being funny but I have to point out your hands were untrained for THAT weapon, never question the book, especially not when you’re winning.

    Liked by 1 person

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