Overlord! -Attempt 6, Part 1


I’m trying, now, to channel the point in all the Rocky movies where, after an early defeat, Rocky starts training, ‘Gonna Fly Now’ crashes through the speakers, and you just know how the final fight is going to end.

Except for ‘training montage’, insert ‘boring political decisions to rule Irsmuncast’.

  • There is a familiar bridge and opponent.
  • I use the ‘slow and steady’ approach across the bridge
  • Once more, I need to roll an 8 or less on two dice as the first rock flies at my head.
  • 7 baby!!
  • I’ve said this before, but surely Arrow Cutting would help here?
  • The Fate roll! With my modifiers, I need a 5 or more….
  • 10!!
  • Single combat, with the Forked Lightning Strike to the fore!
  • Round 1 – we both miss!
  • Round 2 – we both miss (again!)
  • (Bear in mind that I only need a 5 or more to hit)
  • Round 3 – My kick lands! Minimum (sigh) damage of 5.  The Cyclops strikes with his fists, but I manage to block the blow.
  • Endurance : Me 20, Horned Cyclops 14
  • Round 4 – I hit again! (just).  8 damage!  The Cyclops again lands  a blow, but my block is successful.
  • Endurance : Me 20, Horned Cyclops 6
  • Round 5 – We both fail to connect.
  • Round 6 – My kick lands TO THE FACE, and my 6 damage is enough!
  • Horned Cyclops, nice knowing you!
  • If by ‘nice’ you mean, ‘almost unendurable trial’.
  • I nip into the cave of the Cyclops, and retrieve the ring with the Scorpion insignia.
  • I enter the markedly hospitable valley, and manage to again bluff my way through by waving the Scorpion Ring and claiming to be a foreign ninja ambassador.
  • I wait until nightfall and make my down to the faux ‘village’.
  • My skill in Detecting Traps comes in handy, and I notice a tell-tale square which covers turfed-over pit.
  • I learn from my prior mistakes, and walk pass the pit and am prepared as the enemy Ninja bursts out, ready for battle.
  • Aha!  A chance for a Poison Needle!  It lands literally IN HIS FACE (just below the eye, to be exact).  In a fairly awesome display of bad-assery, his last words are “Curse you and the Tiger for this!….But you are truly Ninja.”
  • Amen, sir.
  • I make way down the entrance to the dungeon, through the innocent-seeming well in the centre of town.
  • I try to calm myself, noting that my Endurance is still 20, and I’m ready!
  • I use my Scorpion Ring to penetrate the locked door, and spy the ‘ninja’ standing with his back to me.
  • Remembering that it is a wax dummy, I hurl a Shuriken at its head, and the clay figure collapses to shatter on the ground.
  • Another (living, breathing) ninja bursts out from the side corridor.  My initial Cobra Strike is unsuccessful, but I manage to finish him off with some follow-up blows, at the cost of 2 Endurance.
  • I spot a devilishly handsome and powerful ninja, but immediately recognise the figure as being a reflection in a mirror.  It shatters, and I confront the bald (yes, again) Priest of Nemesis, who is wielding a chain-mace.
  • Round 1 – My Leaping Tiger kick lands, doing 6 damage.  His mace fails to find its mark.
  • Endurance – Me 18, Priest 5
  • Round 2 – Leaping Tiger for the win! It slips through, presumably TO THE FACE and does 4 (grrr) damage.  His reply lands, penetrates my block and does 5 damage
  • Endurance – Me 13, Priest 1
  • Round 3 – Let’s just say there won’t be a Round 4.
  • I tread lightly over the dead body, and emerge into the central chamber to face my destiny.
  • Oh hello, Grandmaster of Shadows, its been a while, but my predecessor asked me to give you something.  I think a KICK TO THE FACE was mentioned?


Just imagine a dramatic music sting, and the words


Stats : Endurance : 13, Punch Modifier : +2, Kick Modifier: +3, Throw Modifier : 0, Fate Modifier : +1, Inner Force : 5




3 thoughts on “Overlord! -Attempt 6, Part 1

  1. I forgot just HOW much climbing seems to be a necessary skill for Avenger…

    Looking back, I remember thinking as a child that “climbing? bah, what a mundane skill, compared to all these TOTALLY AWESOME skills like feigning death, arrow cutting, etc”

    In hindsight… what sort of a ninja is Avenger without climbing? … he’s a ninja who, when everyone else is scaling walls, sneaking across rooftops, and other ninja-esque infiltrations, he’s the guy who needs to find a ladder. 😦 … well, that’s how I rationalize choosing climbing on every incarnation of Avenger during my adult replays anyhow, lolz.

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