Overlord – Attempt 5, Part 1


If these ‘Attempt’ number start getting too much higher, I’m going to have to go the ‘Superbowl’ trick, and use Roman numerals to try and give this playthrough a little bit of class.

In any event, I experience an overwhelming sense of deja vu as I navigate the troubled waters of Irsmuncast’s political scene.

I yet again find myself looking at a certain narrow bridge, ruing the lack of the Climbing skill, and facing off against my bete noire, the Horned Cyclops.  If you don’t have either the skills of Climbing or Escapology, this bottle-neck is deadlier than parties with Motley Crue.

  • I choose to creep carefully across the bridge, taking a split-second to ruminate somberly on the fact that I need two successful dice rolls just to make it to the other side for a fight with the Cyclops.
  • Needing an 8 or less to avoid the rock knocking me off the bridge, I roll a 10.


Good grief.




One thought on “Overlord – Attempt 5, Part 1

  1. This is going beyond tragic, Irsmuncast Overlords are becoming an important part of that Horned Cyclops diet.

    At this point I’d really recommend mid-book Save Points, especially as soon you’ll start hating the sight of the Irsmuncast court (I already hate the sight of the Horned Cyclops).

    Ninth Manly Macho Sympathetic clap on the shoulder followed by a futile Howl of Protest to the uncaring gods of luck and darkness.


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