Overlord! – Attempt 4, Part 4


Here we go.

My previous opponent collapses, dead.

I stride over the body, resisting the urge to step casually on the unbreathing chest as I pass.

The corridor opens into a well with a spiral staircase heading down.  In a ‘no duh’ moment, I note that the spiral is doubtless in honour of the whirlpool symbol of Nemesis.

At the base of the stairs I face my final opponent of this little burglary : the Grandmaster of Shadows.  He is in front of a man-size idol of Nemesis, and wields an odd weapon – a blade joined to a metal ring by horsehair (see picture).  This is apparently called a Kyoketsu-shoze.

Aside : Although my young self didn’t know it, this weapon is an actual thing, and I distracted myself for 10 minutes in writing this post to check out Youtube videos of devotees making and wielding examples of it.  Love this series – bad ass ninja adventures and I feel like I’ve learned something!

Second aside : I’ve played through this encounter in my youth, and the strategy and tactics are fantastic, but also fantastically difficult.  Let’s see how many of the right choices I remember.

Third aside : Does that picture make the dude look like he has four arms, or is it just me?

The other Grandmaster (remember, dear readers, that I am also a Gramdaster of the Five Winds) greets me with some boiler-plate villain monologuing about how he didn’t expect me to get this far, he’s my final opponent, blah, blah, threatcakes etc.

I accidentally typed ‘dead readers’ in the first sentence of that paragraph.  I guess anything’s possible.

Let’s begin!  Grandmaster v Grandmaster, in a battle you wouldn’t normally see outside a chess tournament!

My opponent (who is unnamed) sends the ring section of his weapon at my head.  I can either catch or evade.  Catching seems too obvious, so I choose to dodge.  For all I know the ring could be coated in poison or even chocolate syrup.

As I dodge he whips the ring back into his hand, and now sends the blade towards me. Catching here would be a bit more unexpected, so I go for it (yeeouch in advance).

I have the right idea, but my execution is lacking.  My Block roll fails and I miss the blade and it sinks into my shoulder, causing 4 damage (I’m down to 3 – trouble ahead).

I wait for him to make a move, and he stabs at me, I block him, and we have some cursory back-and-forth before he again spins, stabbing at my chest.  I need an 8 or less to block and manage a 5.

I can choose between a Leaping Tiger kick or a Dragon’s Tail throw.  Trying to stick with moves that might surprise him, I go for the sliding Dragon’s Tail throw.

Showing no mercy whatsoever, the book calmly informs me that the Grandmaster somersaults forward, landing behind me as a I slide on now-empty floor.  He twists and stabs me in the neck, severing my spinal cord.  Avenger dies instantly.


Not even a chance to spit a Poison Needle?!

This book is unforgiving.




One thought on “Overlord! – Attempt 4, Part 4

  1. OW! Ow Ow Ow! You’ve now died as many times in Overlord as in the first three books … oh, right, you already knew that. Sorry mate, but as you said, this fight is fantastically difficult.

    Sympathetic manly pat on the shoulder. Avenger the Eight is dead, best of luck to Avenger the ninth.

    P.s.Regarding the picture, ironically your scanned copy makes it more clear its not a four armed man than the original does. But its a tribute to Bob Harvey’s genius that in a black and white cartoon in a dark room two characters in black superimposed on each other can still stand out.

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