Overlord! – Attempt 4, Part 2


A (presumably enemy) ninja makes his discreet appearance, and makes the classic ‘after you’ gesture, and invites me to walk past him and carry on towards the valley.

I try to imagine what a bored ninja would look like while watching a movie as boring as, say, Titanic, and attempt to casually stroll past this sentry ninja.

In a lovely descriptive moment, I can apparently feel the enemy’s ninja’s gaze ‘burning into my back’ and a point between my shoulder-blades begins to tingle.

The book is obviously keen to emphasise that this athletic, toned, ninja is looking at my back and not any other portion of my rear anatomy.

Oh, you know I was going to go there.

Luckily, the saucy swing of my hips seemingly distracts this guardian, and I am able to make my way down to the Valley of the Scorpions, one of the most ‘feared centres of evil on Orb’.

Essentially, as I make my way down to this devillish valley, I notice nothing (on the surface) apart from various supposed farmers and a small village.  I ‘feel sure’ that everyone I see is a ninja (of the Way of the Scorpion) in disguise.  I particularly note that none of the surface buildings appear large enough to contain a Ryu for the ninjas of the Way of the Scorpion.

A choice!

I can either make my way down to this valley immediately, or wait for nightfall.

Am I a ninja, or am I a ninja?

Nightfall it is!!

Its not mentioned, but I assume my bad-ass ninja costume now makes its customary appearance.

Watching the ‘village’ from above, I note that several of the ‘villagers’ climb down the well at the centre of the ‘village’ rather than, you know, going to the houses to have a good night’s sleep.

Obviously the nerve centre of the Way of the Scorpion ninjas is some kind of Bond villain-esque underground lair.  I sneak down to the nexus of the village, and the book asks whether I have the Detecting Traps skill.

After a disconcertingly long period of having to admit I did not have such skills as Climbing, Escapology, and so on, it is delightful to, after feeling helpless, actually have a skill that might, you know, help!

My skill helps me to notice a ‘strange inconsistency’ in the grass, with a square outline, as if over a pit.

I have three interesting choices :

  • I can simply walk up to the ‘square’ and open up the (presumed) trap-door.
  • I can walk backwards past the pit so that I am facing it.
  • I can walk past the pit and crouch down, facing it.

I go for the crouch option.  Unfortunately, a Shuriken comes whirling at my chest, causing 3 damage.

A ninja ‘erupts’ out of the pit, bearing a chain with a weight at one end, and a chain at the other.  Apparently this weapon is a ‘kusarigama’, because wielding (or spelling) a sword would just have been too hard.

So – martial arts options!  Forked Lightning Strike kick or Teeth of the Tiger throw?  Given how simply awesome the (lock the legs around the throat) Teeth of the Tiger throw is, I have to at least try that once!

Woo-hoo! I manage to break the ninja’s neck with my feet, and, just for extras, he turns up with his own weapon in this chest.

Check and mate, I think.

I sneak my way through the various ‘houses’ in this faux village, and reach the well at the centre of the ‘town’.  What are the odds this is the lair entrance??!

Channeling my bad-ass ninja aura, I edge my way down the well, with my back against one wall and my feet against the other.  As I slowly make my way down, I see a side tunnel, leading to one side about ten feet above the water down the bottom of the well.

Called it!

The tunnel ends in an alcove wall, with a door (painted, naturally, with a red scorpion) bearing an inscription which states that “Make the night your friend and darkness your cloak of invisibility”.  I’d rather, you know, Rocky Balboa as my friend (hey! he might buy me a car!) but I suppose the night is feeling rather unpopular.

In any event, I notice a circular indentation which seems to be about the right size for the Scorpion Ring which I snaffled from the cave of the Cyclops.

Woo-hoo! My ring basically functions as a key, and the door opens, to allow me access to the greater dungeon.

I’m sure everything will be a piece of cake from now on.


Stats : Endurance : 17, Punch Modifier : +2, Kick Modifier: +3, Throw Modifier : 0, Fate Modifier : +1, Inner Force : 5




One thought on “Overlord! – Attempt 4, Part 2

  1. Well I’m sure you know that we went looking to see who the guy in the photo was. Having seen one of his videos he’s now the guy I want to be behind during the Zombie Apocalypse.

    Ouch with the Shuriken in the chest, but he got a sickle in his, which is rather sick 😉 … ok, I promise not to try a joke like that again. Btw, the Kusarigama can be better than a sword as the chain will wrap around and neutralise a sword, not so good against masters of unarmed combat though.

    Now stop thinking about cake when you’re in the lair of the most deadly and evil human fighters on Orb, cake leaves crumbs, a good chocolate bar leaves no trace!

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