Overlord! – Attempt 4, Part 1

Initially, I want to say that, due to the repeated deaths by Cyclops, I hope that any suspicions that I am ‘cheating’ or massaging dice rolls on this playthrough for the purposes of increasing entertainment value can now be allayed.


I once more navigate the tricky paths of being the Overlord of Irsmuncast without a scratch.

Needless to say, this inevitably involves yet another incarnation of Avenger facing a certain Horned Cyclops across a narrow bridge.

Unpleasantly, I don’t have any choice other than to confront this delightful creature one more time.

One this attempt I try the ‘slow and steady’ approach.

I roll to block the stone thrown at me.  Once more, for the peanut gallery, I need an 8 or less on two dice.  What could possibly go wrong?

I roll a 3 and a……….4.

Alrighty then!

Oh, I’m sorry, did you think that meant Avenger now made it over the chasm? Oh my sweet summer child, I’m afraid not.

I now also need to make a Fate roll, although I am kindly (!) informed that I may temporarily add one to my Fate modifier.  Given that I already have a +1 Fate Modifier, that means I only (!) need a 5 or more on two dice.

I roll a 3 and a……6!

Alright.  The Cyclops and I face off (again!) and I know better than to try  the Dragon’s Tail throw.  Forked Lightning Strike kick it is!

Round 1

I breach the Cyclops’ defences, and do 8 damage.  His punch is initially successful, but I then block the blow.

Endurance : Me 20, Cyclops 11

Round 2

Given my block in the previous Round, I need a 7 or more to hit, and roll exactly….7.  I inflict damage of….9! The Cyclops’ attempt to mar my beautiful face is also unsuccessful.

I’m liking this new ‘good dice rolls’ trend.

Endurance : Me 20, Cyclops 2

Round 3.

Given that I have +4 to any damage roll, and that the Cyclops has only 2 Endurance left, any hit will mean an end to this conflict.  I need 5 or more on 2 dice….

I roll a 9!!!

Now THAT was satisfying.

Let’s pause for a moment, and ponder the lives of those previous Avengers who have fallen before me.

I walk past a cave, and you just know that I’m going to enter to try and salvage the loot of the Cyclops.

Inside the cave are the remains and detritus of other victims of the Cyclops.  The book asks if I wish to search or leave and continue walking.  Given that I’m in here now, I resolve to search the corpses.

I find the remains of a Ninja, presumably from the Valley of Scorpions. I pocket the amber ring found with the body, which has the engraved seal of the Way of the Scorpion.  I may be able to use this to impersonate an enemy ninja at a later time.

I continue along the path, towards the Crags of Abandoned Hope.  I finally reach a smallish clearing, where my super-duper ninja eyes notice that a rock at the edge of the clearing has been carved with the whirlpool symbol of Nemesis, the God of Evil, overdue library books and similiarly immoral matters.

My ninja senses detect someone (or something!) close by.  I have an interesting choice here :

  • I can simply ignore my ‘sixth sense’ and continue along the mountain path;
  • I can dive for the nearest cover of rock.
  • I can hold the ring (which I just found) aloft and say in a loud voice that I am a Ninja returning from a mission, given to me by the Grandmaster of Shadows.
  • I can hold the ring aloft and say that I am a Ninja of the Way of the Scorpion, arriving as an ambassador from the Island of Plenty.

Given the number of options, it is obvious that simply carrying on along the path is not a realistic choice.

Diving for cover is probably not necessary if I can in fact bluff my way through.

Of the two ‘ring’ options, I’m worried about pretending to be a ninja from this area.  Local knowledge may be required and / or demanded.  I therefore go for option 4 and call out to the wilderness my status as prospective emissary.  My skin starts to prickle with anticipation……………..and on that note I will leave my faithful readers in suspense for another night.

Stats : Endurance : 20, Punch Modifier : +2, Kick Modifier: +3, Throw Modifier : 0, Fate Modifier : +1, Inner Force : 5, Popularity Rating : 3 (After this post I’m be leaving Popularity Rating off the Stats sheet, at least until I return to Irsmuncast)


One thought on “Overlord! – Attempt 4, Part 1

  1. For what its worth you proved you weren’t cheating in Assassin when you took the wrong turn in the Goblin Teeth mountains. Your subsequent trouncing by Mardohl, son of Nil, further confirmed your integrity. And at least you saw that the H C had killed other Ninja’s.

    It IS nice when the dice roll your way though. Now go forth and slaughter evil Ninja’s (in one on one combat so it doesn’t count as capricious government death penalty 😉 ).

    Liked by 1 person

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