Overlord! – Attempt 3, Part 1



In the words of former ESPN columnist Bill Simmons, this baby is on.

To the extent I need to say so, I navigate the stormy waters of rulership along the lines previously mentioned.  In less romantic terms, I make exactly the same choices as the first time through the initial portion of this book.

I am now casually strolling across a certain narrow stone bridge, just itching to confront a familiar-looking Horned Cyclops.

This time, I inch carefully across the bridge, knowing that I will need to evade the rock that is thrown at me.

Aside : Isn’t this the perfect place for Arrow Cutting to be a relevant skill?  You know, the skill I possess?


As in a previous Avenger’s incarnation, I need a 8 or less on two dice to block the rock thrown by my Nemesis.

I roll a 6 (seriously??) and a ….3.

You’ve got to be kidding.

This is getting serious.

Blah, blah, knocked unconscious, cooked for dinner, you know the drill.

Aside : I’m going to start playing the next incarnation of Avenger now, but will save any results till tomorrow, since I won’t be able to do a full entry then (due to other commitments).


One thought on “Overlord! – Attempt 3, Part 1

  1. 😦 For what its worth that Horned Cyclops got me the last time also 😦 When the dice are against you there’s not much you can do but suffer.

    Manly masculine sympathetic clap on the shoulder. Get that monster next time boyo!


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