Overlord! – Attempt 2, Part 1


One of the interesting things about this book is that the first part is pure strategy.  As I’ve snarkily mentioned a couple of times, that means that you don’t need to touch the dice once.

In practice, for this playthrough, I can now essentially make all the same choices, survive my rule without revolution, and end up on the same two-foot bridge facing a stone-throwing Horned Cyclops.

Needless to say, I do so.

Now wouldn’t this have made a better plot for a movie like Sliding Doors than that Gwyneth Paltrow nonsense?

So the new incarnation of the Eternal Champion Avenger faces off against a Horned Cyclops.

Just for the sake of variety, this incarnation of Avenger is considerably more hot-headed and elects to charge head-long (like a dumb-ass) across the bridge.

I need to see if Fate smiles on me.  I need a 6 or more on 2 dice, and get a 4 and a….3. Score!

You’d think that would be enough…but no.  That would be too easy.  I have to make a second roll and because things were just too easy, I have to subtract one from my Fate modifier.  So that would mean that I need a 7 or more on two dice.  Hrmm…

5 + 6.  Even my non-Science based university degrees can tell me that makes up a total of more than 7!

I reach the end of the bridge, as the Cyclops howls in frustration.  Looks like this has turned into an old-fashioned single combat duel.

I can use the Forked Lightning Strike, the old-school Iron Fist punch or the Dragon’s Tail throw.

Although I don’t normally go for throws (given the lack of modifier) our position on a cliff-top gives me some hope that a successful throw may result in a victory by default as my opponent tumbles off the ledge.

That would be brilliant strategy, except for the fact that the Cyclops is simply too heavy, standing his ground and kicking me in the ribs, causing 6 damage.

Forked Lightning Strike then!  The Cyclops starts the fight with 19 Endurance.

I need a 5 on two dice to hit, and I am pleased to note that my Yubi-Jutsu skill adds 2 to any damage.

Round 1!

I roll a 7, and do damage of….8!  Unfortunately, the Cyclops also hits, I fail to block the flow and it also does…8 damage.

Endurance : Me 6. Horned Cyclops 11

Round 2!

I hit again and do another 8 damage!  The Cyclops hits (ouch!) and I fail to block (yikes!) and it does…..7 damage!

Ummm…..6 – 7 is not good.

Very not good.

After beating Yaemon, Honoric, Manse, a Ninja and a Duke from Hell, this Horned Cyclops is now the only enemy (so far) in this series to kill me twice.

To quote King Lear :

I will do such things,– What they are, yet I know not: but they shall be the terrors of the earth.”

In other words – This is on.




4 thoughts on “Overlord! – Attempt 2, Part 1

  1. In life, as in games, sometimes the roll of the dice is just against you my friend. 6th sympathetic manly macho clap on the shoulder. Remember, Real Men don’t Cry, but sometimes we just bawl our eyes out.

    Regarding the strategy part of the book I read an interview where Mark Smith said they wanted to make the whole book you making decisions in ruling the city but chickened out over not knowing how fans would react. Bearing in mind that this was YEARS before games like Civilization came out it was groundbrsking stuff and still one of my favourite stretches in ANY gamebook (and I played LOTS).

    Btw, just noticed you’re also getting comments on your walkthrough on Facebook. Would you prefer my making comments there or is here fine for you?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I actually prefer comments here, so they can be seen in the future by people reading these posts. I greatly appreciate your (and other) comments as they form an interesting counterpoint to my own posts.


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