Overlord! – Attempt 1, Part 3


[Drum roll please]

Golspiel waddles (the book’s word, not mine) into the Throne Room, and my eloquence, such as it may be, can’t do better than this description :

“His eyes are like small shining currants in a face that shudders in time with his footfalls.  His fat jowls hang down like dewlaps and his hands are like bunches of pork sausages.”

I love it.  Remind me of this description the next time Donald Trump tries to string a coherent sentence together.

In any event, the book confirms that I have the jade lotus blossum (ie. the reminder that a werewolf attacked me at Golspiel’s behest in the palace dungeons on my mission to kill the Usurper).

I can either send Golspiel straight to the dungeons himself, order him to stand trial for high treason or forget past crimes and hear what he has to say.

Tempting as it is, the mark of my rule should be that it is a rule of law, and not a mere dictatorship.  I therefore order him to stand trial and, it must also be said, to be held in the dungeons without bail.  He is led off and for once, is speechless.

[Aside : The book here mentions my glorious full title of ‘Avenger I, Overlord of Irsmuncast Nigh Edge.  I would have laughed myself into a hernia if I was actually Avenger II or Avenger III.]

I note that Golspiel will stand trial tomorrow (no pesky procedural fairness here!), and await the entrance of the Demagogue, the spokesman for the people.


The book makes sure to mention that he has the ‘most monumental nose’ I have ever seen, and I can personally confirm that the man is living proof that splendid orators do not need to be physically attractive.

He begins a most flowery speech which essentially (with good reason) nominates himself as the representative of the people as one of my counsellors.  Since a counter-revolution is the last thing  I need, I elect to nominate the Demagogue as one of my counsellors, although mentally noting to be wary of unconditionally following his advice.

He bows three times on this way to the advisors’ chamber, and essentially acts like a little boy who just got an R-rated movie for his birthday.

Greystaff, the High Priest of Avatar makes his appearance, and asks to be appointed to the Privy Council.

Aside : I’m going to use a bit of my knowledge from previous playthroughs here.  Although Greystaff is certainly ‘good’ in the traditional sense of the word, he is essentially blinded to considering all  of the various matters necessary for the running of a city and he advises what constitutes a pogrom against the (former) ruler’s army and the followers of all gods who are not ‘good’.

Although it (sorta) breaks my heart to do it, I gently tell Greystaff to go back to ministering to the poor and homeless.  Just to rub it in, after I reject him, people are unsurprised but ‘hang their heads’ resignedly.  All that’s missing is my father shaking his head and saying “I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed‘.

There are two slots left on the team, and only three more applicants.  If this was a reality show, this is where there would be an ad-break to keep the audience in suspense.

Instead, I shall merely promise to check in with Avenger I as soon as possible.

Stats : Endurance : 20, Punch Modifier : +2, Kick Modifier: +3, Throw Modifier : 0, Fate Modifier : +1, Inner Force : 5, Popularity Rating : 2



One thought on “Overlord! – Attempt 1, Part 3

  1. Ha! Yes! Take that you plutocratic parasite! (My union is going on strike, I’m not feeling too happy about corrupt commercial giants at the moment (to quote Scott Adams “I’m not anti-business, I’m anti-idiots)) Please remember that Gospiel remains very sneaky, biting my tongue, biting my tongue.

    I feel more sad if I refuse the Demagogue than Greystaff because Dema looks so crestfallen. Greystaff is just … poison.

    Left is Solstice who tacitly supported the Usurper through indifference, Foxglove (sigh) who’s Yellow Lotus spies tyrannised the people and yet she’s still loved by gamers, and Parcifal who would have left you to die after killing the Usurper if others hadn’t stepped in first. Some choices to make but they can be very pivotal on your rulership. Should make us more sympathetic the next time a leader has to pick his new cabinet. Good luck, you haven’t survived your first day yet.

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