Overlord! – Attempt 1, Part 2


Let the job interviews begin!

The Lord High Steward of Nemesis sweeps into the room, and there is an extensive Bret Easton Ellis-esque description of his velvet cloak and other aspects of his appearance.

His pitch appears to be that, since my father’s death, and while he helped administer the city, there were no attacks from the Rift.  Of course, this argument is akin to seeking praise because, after the Anschluss, Austria didn’t suffer further attacks from Nazi Germany.

He also mentions that ‘his people’ deserve representation ‘like any other’.  There is actually something to this, as the book confirms that a full 30% of the city worship (or claim to worship) his (Evil) god of Nemesis.

After making what is probably as good a case for himself as he could in all the circumstances, he falls at the last hurdle by claiming that I, as Overlord, ‘must’ appoint him to the Star Chamber.

Nobody tells Avenger I, Overlord of Irsmuncast what he ‘must’ do! (Apart from the High Grandmaster back home, Gorobei, Dore, Glaivas, ehh, you get the idea…)

In any event, I knock this arrogant peacock back.

He gets very sulky after this, throwing a tantrum and stating that my reign will be ‘short-lived’ and that my kingdom will ‘collapse around my ears’.  I hope it isn’t short-lived – I’ve got three books to go after this one!  In any event, I resist the temptation (offered by the book) to cast him into the dungeons or throw a Shuriken at his back (mainly because the book didn’t give me a chance to throw one AT HIS FACE) and wait for the next applicant.

Force-Lady Gwyneth walks in, and I am immediately struck by how cool that title would be for a female Jedi.

Force, get it??



Gwyneth bends her knee (always a good start – take note, Game of Thrones characters) and mentions that she has taken the initiative of confining the Usurper’s army to barracks and ensuring that her own troops are on the streets controlling (?!) any looting.

Controlling is a loaded word in this circumstance.  It could, of course, simply mean that her soldiers are in charge of the looting and are demanding their cut.

Both the text and my previous knowledge of this book indicate to me that Gwyneth will be a good and faithful adviser, plus I did give her to understand that I’d allow her due credit and attention as part of her support for my revolution.

Aside : I am again impressed that very little is made of the fact that Gwyneth is a woman.  She is rather simply presented as an accomplished soldier and leader.  Impressive for 2016, very impressive for 1986. the date of publication.

And given that I’ve worked a 14 hour day today, that’s going to be it for this instalment! Also, because the next applicant is Golspiel, and I want to make sure he gets every bit of attention that he, ahem, deserves….

I  also should quickly mention that, although there’s no big deal of it made in the text proper, the ‘Character Record’ at the start of the book confirms that I commence my rule with a ‘Popularity Rating’ of 2, which is subject to being affected by the decisions I make.

Stats : Endurance : 20, Punch Modifier : +2, Kick Modifier: +3, Throw Modifier : 0, Fate Modifier : +1, Inner Force : 5, Popularity Rating : 2


One thought on “Overlord! – Attempt 1, Part 2

  1. For what its worth I doubled over on the Force joke, and not in pain, regretably this was in the Staff Canteen, but my colleagues now know that if they ask me what
    I’m reading I won’t shut up.

    Commendable restraint with the High Steward, I used to throw the Shuriken, it can work well, but there can be an ick factor. And shame on you for casting aspersions on the Shield Maidens of Dama, they’re more Lawful than even Kwon’s lot. Actually you can rule the whole city with a booming popularity and balanced budget by just having Gwyneth on the council and ignoring everyone else.

    Roll on Gospiel, or at least his head.

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