Usurper! Attempt 3, Part 1

IMG_1779Bullet points :

  • I rolled a 4 for extra skill Modifiers at the start of the adventure, meaning an extra +1 to Throw and +1 to Kick.
  • I again choose Yubi-Jutsu (notwithstanding its ongoing lack of assistance so far), visit Glaivas, and journey through the same Valley of the Lich Kings.
  • The leopard tags me for four damage.
  • I make the same (sensible) choices, and vanquish (in ethereal form, no less) the Fiend who was summoned by Nemesis.
  • Fleeing through the cornfields, I confront the four halvorcs, but do considerably better with my die rolls, conquering the four of them, while retaining a total Endurance (at the end of the fight) of 14.
  • I (with Glaivas) hide beneath the familiar canvas awning, meet Grizell, and agree to take her with us.
  • Unfortunately, we are once more pursued by the Spectres, one of whom drains the life from Grizell.
  • However, this time my revenge (!) holy water toss is accurate (teenage water balloon experience paying off).

The Spectre does his (its?) best Wicked Witch of the West interpretation, clutching its face and fleeing.  Given that we had four foes to start with, and that Glaivas is taking on two by himself, I must face the remaining one.

I launch a beautiful kick at the remaining Spectre, knocking it from its horse, although I note with chagrin that it rises once more, apparently unhurt.

I follow up with an Iron Fist punch, but am unsuccessful.

However, the Spectre, in its follow up attack, touches with its bony claws the holy locket given to me by Grizell, and the Spectre ‘recoils as if burnt’ and flees down the road.  I refrain from calling out a suitable smackdown to the retreating foe.  Meanwhile, Glaivas has defeated his adversaries without apparent trouble, because of course he has.

We have won a temporary victory, but Grizell is now beyond help.  She helped us, but has perished.  One would almost think she was a plot device, inserted in the adventure to provide us with means of survival, while dying herself.

But only cynics would think such a thing.

Just to really turn the emotional dials to 11, I am informed that I have no choice other than to ‘leave her [Grizell’s] frail body to rot’.

Thanks, book, I felt bad enough about the whole situation as it was.

We skirt the bordering mountains, and the book congratulates me (us?) on surviving through our trip through the Valley of the Lich Kings.

Glaivas guides me past the city of Greydawn, and warns me not to risk my life by entering the city (?!)  I guess the smog must be really bad this time of year, or something.

We turn north, and Glaivas decides he must return home to, you know, lead an army.  As a Celine Dion song swells on the soundtrack, he gifts me a silver Shuriken and kisses me on the forehead, before taking his leave.

It should also be mentioned that he wishes me luck, along with the ‘wisdom of long years’.  He obviously hasn’t been reading these playthroughs, because Avenger has a life expectancy of about 20 paragraphs.

I journey northwards for a couple of days, and stumble (!) on the Rift, a bottomless chasm from which various evil things (goblins, orcs etc) stream out from time to time.

Then, in one of those darling touches these books come up with, noxious gases come out and send me to sleep for a day and a night (again!).  I regain 4 Endurance points for the rest, and set off, trying to leave the awful chasm behind.

These is no comment as to whether I look back.

Stats : Endurance : 18, Punch Modifier : +2, Kick Modifier: +3, Throw Modifier : 0, Fate Modifier : +1, Inner Force : 5

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