Assassin! – Conclusion.


Well, the best things in life aren’t the easiest to obtain, are they?

One difficulty with both Avenger! and Assassin! is that they don’t really have a fantastic ‘through-line’ for the adventure.  They are both rather a string of (awesome) mini-adventures, thrown at you one at a time.

Avenger! has things like the pirate attack, the infiltration of the evil temple, the gladiatorial games and the penetration of the Keep.    Assassin! has the escape from the keep, the underwater foray (or the goblin mines) the four stooges, evading assassination, Mardolh and the final ninja.

It is all so exhilirating, though.  My memories of a lot of this stuff has been surprisingly clear, which is a credit to the writing and the illustrations.  I have always preferred good writing over complex game mechanics. In the end, I fancy myself lucky to only die twice.  Both Mardolh and the final ninja had the clear capacity to keep murdering me in a thoroughly depressing fashion.  My teenage memories of the adventure assisted me in not making any immediately fatal choices, although the choice of ninja skills also came in handy.  Arrow Cutting saved my life more than once, from memory.

Before you ask, there is no way in this book to actually kill Tyutchev, Cassandra or Thaum. No matter what, they will always escape to bother Avenger in future adventures.

Thanks at this time should also go to Lloyd of Gamebooks ( a constant booster of this project.

The next book is Usurper!, a great book, with a thoroughly confusing title for my younger self.


6 thoughts on “Assassin! – Conclusion.

  1. Just to agree about the wonderful descriptions. Reading them again as an adult I’m ofted wowed at the colour and detail that give the world depth, whether its half naked children adept at running through the streets without hitting anyone or dolphins leaping through the water in sheer joy of living or the guard gentling chastising an old lady who’s dropped her basket of eggs. Looking forward to Usurper.

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  2. Enjoying catching up on your play-through. Lot’s of nostalgic reminiscing… although I think your point about the lack of coherent narrative is valid. I loved these books as a child (would go so far as to say they were my favourites… frequently re-borrowed from the library!), but remember the story of, say, Lone Wolf or some of the FF books much more clearly.

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  3. I agree… I think that this gamebook was also very innovative because it starts in media res: normally each gamebook is a self contained story, and even when they are episodes of the same story, they are usually set days/weeks apart. Here you can go to places you visited before and even fight enemies you missed in episode 1. That was unexpected.

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    1. Thank you. I’m not sure if that’s right re the skills. If you mean the confrontation with Mandrake, then its pretty hard to get past, but even if you don’t have the skills asked for, you can ask for Kwon’s aid. Hope you enjoy the rest of the series!


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