Assassin! – Attempt 3, Part 2



I rise from my sleep after the (previously discussed) nightmare and once more discuss sports scores and similiar inconsequential matters with my supposedly competent guards.

I return to the inner section of the guest house, and use my Lock Picking Skills to unjam the door leading to the interior courtyard.

Faced with the clear evidence of an intruder, I realise that the supposed security of this guest house is a farce, and that I’ll need to use my wits (and ninja-fu) to survive.

I step into another room and wait behind the door.  After a moment I sense another presence and detect Spider-Man (sorry, another ninja) crawling along the ceiling.  He drops to the floor and hurls a shuriken towards me.

He reckoned without my Arrow Cutting proficiency!

In a COMPLETELY AWESOME move, I grab the Shuriken OUT OF MID AIR and send it hurtling back towards the enemy ninja.  He deflects it with his sword, but now hopefully realises that he’s not dealing with the paperboy.

We circle one another, ready for a duel to the death.  This time though, I start the duel with a decent Endurance score!

I parry his initial blow (the one that killed a previous incarnation of Avenger) and stick with my proven tactic of spitting a Poison Needle at my foe.  It hits his exposed skin but, unfortunately, he apparently has (also) developed the Immunity to Poisons skill, and remains standing.

Martial arts it is, then.

Starting Endurance  – Me 13, Enemy Ninja : 19

I start with the Forked Lightning kick, and put one of my 3 remaining points of Inner Force behind the blow.  Needing a 6 or higher on two dice, I get a…..9!  Damage is 5, doubled to 10!  Evil ninja dude needs an 8 or better to respond in kind and scores a….6.  Awesome.

Endurance – Me 13, Enemy Ninja : 9

Trying to press the attack, I attempt another Forked Lightning Strike, and use another Inner Force point.  I roll a 6!  Damage of 7, doubled to 14!!

Didn’t even break a sweat.

Seriously, I’ve been nervous about this fight for some time, but sometimes things just go your way.

I’m worried that I’ve used my all my good-luck points and that I’ll have car trouble on my way to work tomorrow or something.

In a striking piece of colour writing, I am informed that I close out the fight by clapping my hands together and trapping the sword between my palms, before kicking him dead in the throat and ‘killing him instantly’.  That’s just cold.

I resume a deep sleep (!) and set off for Kiyamo’s palace in the morning, leaving behind any thoughts of getting a rental deposit back.

Kiyamo tries to make the best of a bad situation, by giving thanks for my skills so that he only (!) had seven deaths on his conscience, instead of eight.  Whatever get you through the night, dude.

I remind him that his guards were helpless against a ninja, and he reassures me that he will be sending 5,000 men to accompany me.  This may constitute a tacit admission that I might need a little more protection.

I think.

In any event, in two days’ time I manage to catch a ride on a ship headed for the Island of Tranquil Dreams.

I lightly jump off the ship, and present the Scrolls of Kettsuin to the Grandmaster, the guy who got me into this mess in the first place.

In a nice piece of praise, he mentions that I ‘will be the scourge of injustice for as long as you live.’  Mate, just call me Batman.

There is a great feast, children dance around me, I’m festooned with flowers etc etc. There’s no mention of scotch, but you just know that some single-malt has just gotta be there somewhere.

Sequel hook time!

The next day the Grandmaster come to my cell and, after mentioning several possible hangover cures, tell me that Honoric is still alive (!!!!!!) and that he survived the Blood of Nil poison, although he was ‘near death for some weeks’.

What?!?!  Who was the idiot that left his magical sword behind for Honoric to reclaim??

Oh yeah, that was totally me.

He goes on by saying that “tomorrow” he will tell me who my (real) parents were…

Dun dun dun!!

Final Stats : Endurance : 13, Punch Modifier : +1, Kick Modifier: +2, Throw Modifier : 0, Fate Modifier : +1, Inner Force : 1

Awesome names: Avenger, son of some deadbeat, to be revealed.


One thought on “Assassin! – Attempt 3, Part 2

  1. Wheh! Sometimes the dice roll with you, sometimes they roll against you. All you can do is try to have some padding just in case.

    Just had this image of your checking out with the chief steward : Lets see, one dinner and breakfast; a five room suite; one room torn to pieces, including the walls; 6 samurai and 1 Samurai captain.

    Avenger : Ninja Express?

    Chief steward : That will do nicely.

    With Kiyamo being the Shogun I imagine he has a lot more than 7 deaths on his conscience. Also 5000 guards is actually very reasonable for crossing what until yesterday was enemy territory. The idea is to be so large that even large warbands won’t bother trying to attack, they do include streaks of realism in these books.

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