Assassin! – Attempt 2, Part 2


I continue to hitch my ride with the narwhal, as it bears me past ‘demonfish’, until we arrive at…

Hang on.  Demonfish??!!  How is that not a bigger thing?  Will I fight them later?

Apparently that’s just a tantalising hint for now.

We eventually reach an enormous clam where a ‘handsome’ (of course) blue-skinned Sea Elf is trapped by his leg.  The sea-jackals are closing fast, but my new buddy the narwhal uses her horn to pry open the clam so that the elf can escape.  He (the elf, who is apparently a Prince) grabs my outfit in an attempt to get me to travel with him.  I have the option of ditching him and moving on alone, but that naturally would remove the chance of a reward!

You save the prince in distress, you get the chocolates. That’s a gamebook trope that I hope continues in full force and effect.

The narwhal continues to defend us both before drawing the sea-jackals away as various other mermen and sea-elves then decide to appear ‘as if from nowhere’.  Funny how that happens riiiggght after the dangerous sea-beasties disappear.  They all begin to thank me for saving their prince, but I modestly mention that the narwhal should get her fair share of the praise.

I really had to admit that, since the sea-elf prince saw the whole thing and would presumably speak up about any outrageous lie.  As Avenger’s lawyer, I would counsel against such easily disprovable testimony.

The prince praises me for my honesty (while his voice sounds like a ‘bard’s harp’) stating that I stand (or swim) apart from land-walkers because I am honest, I am not afraid and I am ‘almost’ a good swimmer.  I won’t tell him how afraid I was of Honoric’s pornstar-esque moustache, because that’s something I don’t like to talk about.

Apparently one of the mermen accidentally wounded the narwhal with his knife, and my removal of said dagger enabled the whale to return on his rescue mission.  Thank god the mermen have gun control, or this could have been even more bloody.

More importantly, the elves agree to take me to a more preferable shore of the Sea of the Star and give me a crystal shaped like a diamond.  I am instructed that smashing the crystal will release a water elemental to fight on my side.  Definitely something that might come in handy.  Avenger also notes in a fairly disconcerting way how powerful the elves’ bodies are.  Purely platonic, I’m sure.

I’m left at the northwest corner of the sea, and spend the next day and night recuperating.  4 endurance restored.  All the way up to 6!!!

After a further two days’ travel I make my way towards some vaguely familiar conical hills.

Four not-so-fondly remembered  incompetent adventurers are (again!) fighting an undead Warlord, and once more I dive into the fray.  I do remember, from my previous incarnation as Avenger, that, if I do manage to survive, one of the priests will restore me to full Endurance.  Let’s do this!

Using a high risk strategy, I again go for the Teeth of the Tiger throw.  Needing a 5 to succeed , I roll a…7.  Excellent.  My follow-up attack, if successful, does double damage.

Alright, this next roll could well determine the entire battle.  Knowing that even one hit from my opponent could kill me, I use another precious point of inner force.  If I succeed, my quadruple damage may well win the battle.  If not….well, my current Endurance score of 6 looms large.

I need a 4 on two dice.  And I get a 5 and a 6!!  11 baby!

Damage of…5 x 2 x 2 = 20!!  Except….I get once again reminded that my damage gets halved because undead creature, mortal forces not working blah, blah, blah.

So instead of immediately collapsing, the Warlord ‘only’ suffers 10 damage, leaving him with 4 Endurance remaining.  Luckily his attempt to slice my leg into component parts fails.

Endurance : Me 6, Warlord 4

I once more manage to penetrate the Warlord’s defences with the heel of my ninja shoe, and my damage of 4 is just enough to kill this spectre for a second time.

The four stooges once again gently squabble amongst themselves, while admittedly also restoring my Endurance back to a much more healthy level of 20.

After noshing on altogether boring travel rations, I take my leave, battling an overwhelming sense of deja vu.

Stats : Punch Modifier : +1, Kick Modifier : +1, Throw Modifier : 0, Fate Modifier : +1, Endurance : 20, Inner Force 3

Awesome names : Demonfish.  Please god, let them make another appearance.



One thought on “Assassin! – Attempt 2, Part 2

  1. Re Demonfish, also mentioned by the Usa version of Steve Jackson in Demons of the Deep (drawn by WOTT artist Bob Harvey), which came out just after Assassin but don’t know when written. (You’re in a underwater city, having been thrown overboard by Sea Pirates only to land on a magic symbol enabling you to breathe underwater, and we think we have rough days in the office, and you’re going through a church while Angelfish swim past and you’ve just smiling at the irony andwondering will you also see a Demonfish when one attacks you. Now if I could only have remembered things to do with my EXAMS in those days, but no I just remember plotlines). Don’t know whether one book was referencing the other or were they both making a joke on the name Angelfish BUT I spent the next thirty yesrs believing that since Angelfish exist then so do Demonfish and only found out I’d been hoaxed while researching for this post. So indirectly your blog is educational.

    And thank you for your friend offer, through it I know that when you say you’re Avenger’s lawyer you’ve got the qualifications to prove it.

    Re Honoric’s moustache, all I can say is it was still close enough to the seventies that it wasn’t that unusual … says the guy with a moustache …

    And before I shut up, also playing through again and it possible to meet the 4 stooges later …and get sliced into salami. We can both appreciate that the difference between earth shaking hero and keystone Kop can be some lucky or unlucky dice rolls.

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