Assassin! – Attempt 1, Part 7

OK, this is getting serious.

‘Something’ is slithering towards me and my adversaries.  It is ten feet tall but also ‘much longer’.  It looks like some kind of part-human, part scorpion with four arms and a bad attitude.

In some handy exposition, Tyutchev shouts out that it is ‘Mardolh, the son of Nil’.  Thaum, in a surprisingly helpful move, throws a fireball spell at this monstrosity, which damages and withers the beast’s scorpion tail.  Tyutchev tosses the Scrolls of Kettsuin (!) to the floor in an attempt at distraction.  Why a creature such as this would care about Kwon’s sacred writings is a piece of knowledge that Tyutchev does not choose to share.

Just as I start to think that this is a prelude to a hero-villain team-up against a greater evil:

  1. Tyutchev and Cassandra flee through the back door.
  2. Thaum uses an illusion spell to take on the appearance of a priest of (the god) Nil, and asks the monster to ‘kill this desecrator’.
  3. The three of them make it through the door and jam it shut from the other side.

Cue the music of steely resolve as I turn for the battle.  It made the front cover of (both editions of) the book, so you just know its going to be good.

I’m pessimistic about the chance of it doing much good, but I launch a Poison Needle. Sure enough, it has no effect.  Martial arts it is!

While I was worried for a second, I’m relieved to discover that this creature only has 30 Endurance, so its not as if….



And damage to me of 2 dice every time there’s a hit??

And all throws are ineffective because of its size???

Oh boy.

In one tiny piece of good news, I am able to use Kwon’s Flail, the ‘superkick’ I learned from Togawa in the last book.

With my new and improved kick modifier of +2, I only need to roll a 5 on two dice to hit. Mardolh will hit me in each round on an 8 or higher and I am not able to block the blow.

OK – Let’s do this!

Round 1 – I hit, rolling a 5.  Damage – 4.  Mardolh also hits and the damage is (given the possibilities) comparatively low – 4.

Endurance : Me – 16, Mardolh – 26

Round 2 – I decide to go for broke, expending some of my Inner Force, which doubles the damage IF I hit.  I roll a….3.  Drat.  Mardolh also misses, rolling a 5.

Endurance : Me – 16, Mardolh – 26

Round 3 – Totally failing to learn from my experiences, I use some more Inner Force, and roll a….4.  You’ve got to be kidding!  Mardolh get a 7, so at least I’m undamaged.

Endurance : Me – 16, Mardolh – 26

Round 4 – You guessed it – a 3rd point of Inner Force gets used, and I roll an 8!  Success!  Damage is….5, doubled to 10!  Mardolh fails again in its attempt to ‘rake my back’.

Endurance : Me – 16, Mardolh – 16

Round 5 – I miss (again!) but so does Mardolh.

Endurance : Me – 16, Mardolh – 16

Round 6 – I hit!  (8 again!)  Damage of only 3, the minimum I could inflict.  In lesser news, Mardolh hits (also rolling an 8) and does 7 damage.

Endurance : Me – 9, Mardolh – 13

Round 7 – I hit (roll of 6) and kick to the tune of 5 damage.  Mardolh hits.  And does damage of……9.

Which is exactly equal to the amount of endurance I have left.



Here lies Avenger.   Having survived numerous hair-raising experiences, he was killed by the son of an evil God after being locked in a cellar by three villains who were set against him for no good reason.

…And now you know why ‘Attempt 1’ was placed so prominently at the top of each post.


One thought on “Assassin! – Attempt 1, Part 7

  1. Oh .. Ok … Ouch! Fenrir attempts to pat Aussiesmurf’s shoulder in a manly display of sympathy. Sometimes the die roll is just against you mate.

    Um, those most inclined to give advice are usually the least qualified to do so and on that note if you set a save point after escaping Quenchheart Keep there are two magic items you could have gotten one of to use here … but honestly with that die roll you’d still have died, sozzy.

    I’ll hold a minute’s silence for the death of your Avenger the first.

    Liked by 1 person

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